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~Miss Understood~
I thought bout u all the time
I thought bout how u mite like me
and how much I liked u
and all the things we could do
we became good friends
and I liked u more and more
and pretty soon I was shore that u liked me to
but u closed the door in my face
Turned out id never even crossed Ur mind in that way
and hearing that hurt
I cried for a long time that day
then I tried to think of things to say
to make the pain go away
nothing worked
I still felt hurt
I felt like dirt
no one ever likes me the way I like them
sum how im always just a friend
when will this pain end
till this day ive never loved again
sum ppl say loves is within
but sumhow ive ran out
and somtimes I just need to shout
just how much I hate not being loved.....

~Eternal Pain~
How long must I endure this pain I feel,
This deep rooted pain that seems so unreal.
This pain runs through my veins each night,
Sleepless thinking everything’s alright.
When I awake to each new day,
Something tells me its all ok.
Then this feeling of pain sets in,
thinking of you again and again.
Heartache, Heart pain its all the same,
This pain from you cannot be explained.
It runs so deep I can hardly bear,
The plain as day truth, you'll never be there.
Day by day this feeling fades,
The pain from you will soon fade away.
As time goes by a new love I'll gain,
Still feeling for you Eternal Pain.

So many questions
so little time
Sometimes I ask
Am I losing my mind?
So many decisions
I know I can't make
So much criticism
I simply just can't take
I can't please everyone
Though I will always try
Sometimes I get discouraged
But I don't know why
I hate all the pressures
That are brought upon me
To many decisions
Then I'd rather there be
I just can't stand it
Don't know what to do
To feel what I feel
If only you knew
I'm not looking for sympathy
I just wish it would end

we were bestfriends
me and you
you loved me and i loved you
but one day you werent there
then i got a call saying
you were dared...
dared to do something
you knew wasn't right
only if you knew it would
take your life!
I wish i could turn
back time...
but i cant and thats not right!


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