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Hurting Poems
poems of heartbreak

Poems are a great way to express emotions and feelings. My poems are mostly about heartbreak and a lot of them are pretty sad, but everyone says that they are really good. find out for your self!
Here are some of my poems:
Why do you hurt me?
Canít you just let me be?
See that I need you to love me for me
Why do you hurt me?
Please just see
That what you did was just plain mean
Come and see
What you have done
To an innocent girl
Who thought you were number one
You made her shine like the sun
Why do you hurt me
Just let me be
I needed you to love me for me
And for all I tried to be.
Today is a good day
I dare say
To day is a good day
Wonít you agree
The sun is shining bright
You could fly a kite
Today is a good day
And to be even better
You must watch the weather
Say hello to the sun
Hello to the clouds
Hello to the green grass
Hello to everyone and everything
Say hello to all who say
Today is a good day
You say youíre sorry
To her starry lit eyes
Underneath the blue, blue skies
You say youíre sorry
But sorry doesnít help
No matter what you do
It will all come back to you
The happy
The sad
The fun
The bad
You say youíre sorry
But she still cries
For she knows she wonít be able to look into your eyes
You say youíre sorry
But sorry wonít cure a broken heart
Youíll still be friends if she agrees
But she doesnít want to
She wonít be able to handle it
She says sheís sorry
It doesnít help
Youíll miss her and you know that
But you move on
And take whatever life gives
You think youíll never forget that bad night
Youíre both sorry
But you wonít see each other the way you use to
Youíll be sorry for the rest of your life
But life moves on
And you forget
Until one day when you meet again
Youíll be happy, you both will
Then you say those two words
The same words that got you into this mess
ďIím sorryĒ
This time itís different though
You canít let each other be
You think ďWeíre made for each otherÖ but how can it be?Ē
For the time you were apart
It brought you closer together
And the words Iím sorry
Are a thing of the past
For now you say those three special words
ďI love youĒ
One Simple Word
One simple word was all I had to say
Now itís a nightmare day after day
In the cold basement was where it happened
It was my first
I wish it never happened
One simple word was all I had to say
Heís leaning in close
Looking into my soul
Everything is quiet
All I had to say was no
My memories are nightmares
They come day after day
I cry in my bed
It was one simple word I wish I would have said
All I Want For Christmas
When I was just a little girl
I wanted so many things
Things that jumped, twisted and curled
Things that made you laugh and giggle
Things that scratched and things that tickled
I wanted so many things
I wanted things that were fun
As bright of yellow as the sun
Or as blue as the sea
I wanted so many things
Things that were loud and things that were quiet
No matter what it was you had to buy it
Well this year itís different
I only want one thing
The only thing I really want this year
Is the love of one human being.
I know who he is
I know heís the one
Heíll never hurt me
Weíll never be done
Brown hair, blue eyes
Thatís what he has
Loves cartoons
His favorite is Tazz
Tall and perfect
Thatís what he is
We fit together
My hand in his
Strong but gentle
Rough but gentle
Plays football
Great at singing
Brightest smile
Sweetest touch
Perfect timing
Never messes up
I know who he is
I know heís the one
Heíll never hurt me
Weíll never be done
Old Friends (12\4\03)
My relationship with one of my old friends is like a smoldering fire, like the earth it cries.
We were as happy as a laughing sea, now weíre as sad as the wind, the wind and his devilish ways.
If only we could become like the laughing sea, then once again all will be great.
I canít find my way out
How did I get to this dark place?
I thought I could trust someone
But it blew up in my face
I donít know why I said what I said
I donít mean it
Iím so lost
All I can do is sit
Sit and wonder
Pray and hope
Pray for you to forgive me
So I wonít have to mope
I never meant to get all mad
I donít know why I did
I guess my heart lost its strength
So it went and hid
I never would have said that
If my heart didnít hurt
Everything is my fault
So I guess Iíll be curt
Donít Fall In Love
Have you ever fallen in love,
But knew they did not care?
Have you ever felt like crying,
But knew it would get you no where?
Have you ever watched them walk awayÖ
Not wanting them to go?
And whispered ďI love youĒ softlyÖ
Not wanting them to know?
You cried all night in misery,
And almost went insane
Thereís nothing in this world
That causes so much pain
If I could choose between love and death,
I think Iíd rather die
Love is fun, but it hurts too much
And the price you pay is high
So I say, donít fall in love
Youíll be hurt before itís through
You see my friend, I ought to know,
I fell in love with you.
Better Than Never
To want to love
Is the greatest want Iíve ever felt
Iíve loved before
And thought Iíd melt
Iíve hated too
And felt much guilt
Then Iíd love
And it built
Soon it toppled
And I fell so hard
Feeling Iíd never love again
Even though Iíve tried so hard
This feeling I feel
Is because of you
I love you so much
You love me too few
Better to have felt love
Then never at all
Iíll always be with you
No matter how hard you let me fall
Rainy Day
Iíve told you everything
And never did I lie
After all that I told you
I feel like I could die
I gave you my heart
And you ripped it out whole
You used me, abused me, and threw me away
You took and crushed my soul
I trusted you so much
And you only lied
You said you loved me
But now I cry
Tears fall
I crawl
Never to stand again
Iíve loved you
Never hurt you
But still I cry
I told you how I felt
You heard me sigh
And told me not to worry, never to cry
You said youíd never hurt me
But the price I paid was high
I listened, and was happy to have you back
But then youíd say good-bye
I never should have gone back
Never listened to another lie
All you did was lift me up so high
Then let me fall-
Fall Ďtill I crashed
Fall Ďtill I cried
You used me, abused me, and threw me away
Then slowly took me back, and saved me in your pocket
Just for another rainy day
A Dozen Roses
A dozen roses
For a friend,
Who means so much to me.
A dozen roses
All for you
Keep them all close to your heart
A dozen roses
For every thought of you
All day and every night
A dozen roses
For a friend,
Who I care so much for
A dozen roses
For a dear friend
Who Iím writing this for.
A dozen roses
For a friend,
Who means everything to me.
A Dream
Under the blue moon
The peaceful dolphin swims
In the cold, yellow sea the summer light dims
The flowers sleep under the stars
There is no sound of rushing cars
Over the purple mountain
You hear a boy cry
He says his parents have died
Now he sleeps in a puddle of dreams
His dark day is over
Now begins his black night
He thinks nothing is right
Everything is wrong
It was not supposed to be this way
It should have been a beautiful day
He is alone now
His parents are gone
He will hear no song
The yellow sea is where heíll go
The peaceful dolphin swims and puts on a show
The boy watches with delight
From the beautiful sight
Above the tall trees,
A small cliff is where she sits
Sheís the girl of his dreams
She goes to see the boy
And with happiness he beams
The peaceful dolphin leaves
She sings him a song
Itís already dawn
The sky is turning pink
They hold hands
Their fingers link
Into the forest is where they go
They love each other so.
Together forever,
Thatís what theyíll be
Many days to come
Under the bright orange sun
You think that what you did was ok?
You think that I donít care?
Whatís done is done,
You have no pain to bear.
I thought you said you loved me?
Was it all just a lie?
Did you not want to feel lonely,
And now you say good-bye?
My heart weighs a ton.
Did you just use me?
Why couldnít I see.
You think that what you did was ok.
And you donít care.
Whatís done is done.
Now I have all the pain to bear.
Someone who is nice
Someone to care
Someone who sees you for who you really are
Someone to be there
Someone you can depend on to love you no matter what
Someone you have your eye on
Someone to heal your every cut
Someone to wipe away your tears
Someone you can trust
Someone is there waiting for you
To get to them do what you must
every Little thing we do together.
Our future together.
the Vow we trust each other to keep.
Every single time we miss each other.
LOVE is so many things.
Make sure you always love.
Care, I Do
You feel as if no one cares about you,
ďLife sucks, I give upÖĒ
Yeah, you said that
But youíll find something soon.
If no one cares
Then I am no one.
Every time you say that
My soul, it tares
You look right past it
Donít even notice
I told you before
But you didnít hear it.
Iíll tell you againÖ
Care, I do
Care so, so much
Youíll always be in my heart
In that special place thatís all for you.
Name in the Sand
The music is loud
The sunset Ė
Itís beautiful
As we sit on the soft ground
The sky is turning black
The party Ė
Itís almost over
We lay on out backs
My head on your chest
I heat you heart Ė
Itís beating fast
Only you know what is next
People are leaving
I guess you decided Ė
You know itís time
Your heart just about stops beating
You roll over
Look into my soul Ė
Iím waiting
We get even closer
Closer we get
Our eyes, they close
Our lips, they meet
We forget about the sunset
Weíre the only ones here
In our minds Ė
We are alone
We have no fear
Such a wonderful night
It seemed to last so long Ė
Even if it wasnít
We were there Ďtill it got light
I wrote your name in the sand
You wrote Ė
Both had huge hearts
After this wild trip I never want to land
This is the best time Iíve ever had
Before now Ė
I never had a ďbest timeĒ
Iíll never be sad
Our names in the sand
They will last forever Ė
Only in our minds
Together always, hand in hand
The Truth
I miss you so much
And you see right through
All the love that Iím giving you
You say you love her
But you said you loved me
What do you want?
You always treated me so well
How could you do this?
I know now something youíd never say
Youíve lied to me everyday
You do not love me
You never have
But why did you lie?
You could have still had a friendship with me
Now I donít want anything to do with you
Any yet I donít want to let you go
It could be good
For you to leave
Leave out of my life for good
Iíll never fell this pain again
You could have trusted me
Everything youíve told me
Everybody knows
I donít care
Now I know the truth
I donít need you
I donít miss you
You never did anything for me
You never loved me at all.
My Love
My loveís too deep
My loveís too wide
Something that I keep inside
If you knew
If you were aware
Iím afraid you wouldnít care.
In my thoughts
In my dreams
Things just arenít what they seem
I long to hold you
I long for your touch
I want you to long for me just as much
My heart aches
But in the end
I know youíll always be my friend.
Lonely Heart
A gloomy day, itís cold and wet
Sitting inside bored and alone
Everyoneís busy
I sigh a loud moan
I stare out the window
And look at the clock
Itís ticking away
Solid as a rock
The streets are flooded
Just like my heart
As I am inside
When we are apart
I look at the cars
As they drive by
I see itís no you
I let out a sigh
The hours tick by
Not fast enough
These are the days
That are pretty tough
The water falls
Down form the sky
It hits the ground hard
But soon it will flow
As so will my tears
When you return
My feelings are strong
As you will soon learn
Vows that
Everyone seems to break
My Everything
Your disillusioned mind
Thinks that loveís one-sided
I give my all and more
You donít even notice
I love you more
Than life itself
But do you even care
I sit and wait
You never call
I talk and talk
Canít you respond?
You say you love me
Do you know the meaning
I hate you
I love you
I donít know what to do
Youíre my everything
But how
You do nothing
You Cannot Break Me
His degrading words will never break me
He will no succeed
Yet day by day
Week by week
My confidence falls along with me into a deep black pit
Screaming please let me go
The hands that grasp me, with their ever tightening grip
My voice now less that a hoarse whisper
Why do you delight in torturing me so?
How can this anguish bring you joy?
I draw from the courage of my people
A courage I never knew I had
From a people I have never met
Yet I know them better than any friend of mine
Their blood coursing through my veins
Hot with rage passion and resentment to the oppressors
From years of silent resistance I build upon a solid foundation, I have been pushed down before
But I have never broken a leg
I always stand proud and true by my beliefs
No one can make me compromise myself
Neither words nor blows can break my spirit
The spirit of a hundred thousand people
Singing out loud and proud
ďI think I can, I know I can, I didĒ
Because with a hundred voices
Singing who can hear lousy whistle blow
Blowing out orders to empty ears
Who cast them away like petals upon a dying flower
A cause once more powerful than any one could imagine
Now futile attempt to regain the grasp they once had
But the fingers have loosened their grip
And I push them aside
And with more power than my own
I climb above the pit and stand up to them
For they cannot break me
And they never will.
Used To Be
Iím waiting for the moon
To come and brighten my soul
And Iím waiting
For the pain
To show me that Iím whole
Youíve moved onÖ
Iím no longer your everything
I canít just pick up the pieces after they fall
In my heart Ė
Itís empty without you
So Iím leaving soon
Daylightís fading as if from existence
Come and waste another lifetime
All the remorse and emotions
Are bleeding into fear
Darkness is creeping
Beyond the shadows of my soul
Somewhere life passed me by
And when I see the daylight is fading
I turn to leaveÖ
And itís already gone
You said youíd wait for me
Where we were yesterday
But I wasnít there
Because neither were you
I forced myself to say
Goodbye that day
The day you walked away
Yet youíre still here
For the memory of you still remains and haunts me
Where Iíll always miss you
Where the sun meets the ocean
Forming a perfect horizon
Where we used to be.

My love for you once filled me
Your love caressed my soul
But then you left me
I thought I would die
My live, I lived in shades of gray
Till someone came along and saved me
Iíll never forget you
Your sweet caress still haunts me
Your tough I can still feel
Your heart beat keeps me awake at night,
Oh, the painfully sweet memories
I never thought I could love again
But I guess I can
Although itís not real
My heart will always be broken
Until your love once more fills my soul
If Only He Knew
If only he knew how much I love him,
If only he knew how much I adore him,
If only he knew how much I need him,
If only he knew how afraid I am to tell him,
If only he knew how he makes me smile,
Makes me cry,
Makes me dream,
Makes my heart jumpÖ
If only he knew how much I want him,
If only he knew how much I love him,
If only he knewÖ
I Fell Without You
They call us best friends
Like sister and brother
Through good and bad
We always had each other
From the beginning I loved you
No other guy would do
You were the only one I wanted
But you acted like you never knew
You always loved me
Like no one else could
You treated me differently
Like no one else would
There was always that wall there
That wall separated out friendship from more
Weíd get to the wall
But youíd never open the door
Now you are with her
And I cry not knowing what to do
I guess when I fell in love
I fell without you
Okay, so I spit occasionally
I donít always wear a ton of makeup
Or short shorts and skimpy shirts
I donít have long shinny nails
I crack my knuckles
And I fight with the boys
I run with the boys
And climb up trees
I drive real fast down a crowed highway
I snap my gum
And annoy the teachers with my smart boyish attitude
I hawk up luggies
And spit at signs
I watch gory movies
And swear like a sailor
I hang with the big boys and smirk at the little girls
Iím a tomboyÖ what else can I say
Regardless of my tomboyish outlook on life
I do have some feelings
I cry occasionally
And I laugh with the girls
I dress up to go out
And I wear my hair in braids
I have sleepovers
And gossip about the boysÖ
But I just donít get why I have to be treated differently because Iím a tomboy
Do I not have feelings?
Do I not have real hair, real fingernails, a real body?
Just because Iím unlike those girls that are fake,
With their bleached blonde hair
And their press on nails
And their thousand dollar liposuctionÖ
Doesnít mean Iím not a real girl
Just trying to fit into this man created
Man oriented
Man crazy world
Iím a tomboy
But Iím the only tomboy youíll ever meet
That can still spit in a skirt and heels
Swear like a sailor at a wedding with a beautiful dress on
And come home to look in the mirror and smile
I smile because I know Iím an individualist
I smile because I know Iím a tomboyÖ
Iím not a priss
Iím not a sissy little brat
I donít cry about everything
Iím not afraid to play with fire
Or handle blood
Or get hurt
But yet Iím a girl all at the same time
Iím a tomboy
Without any standards for living
Iím careful and courteous
Iím witty and adventurous
And I still can sit down and write a good poem
And talk on the phone for hours
What else can I say?
Iím not like most girlsÖ
Iím a tomboy
The Way I Feel
You are everything to me
Donít let me down.
Not again, please!
I want to be with you forever
Though to you Iím just flavor of the weekÖ
Well more like flavor of the monthÖ
I want you to mean it,
Not just say it,
I always mean it.
Really, I do.
I love you!
I mean it with all my heart!
I donít want you to leave
Please donít
Iíll miss you
I donít like anybody like I like you
I canít
Itís totally unexplainable
Itís justÖ there
You can feel it-
Well I canÖ
I donít want you to go
You donít understand
Itís hard, I know
You donít know what you mean to me
And I guess you never willÖ
I Miss You (1)
I tried so hard
But it just got harder
One day I was happy
The next I wasnít
I thought I could do it.
But I canít
I know youíre happy
But Iím not
I miss you
But I guess you wouldnít know that
Itís hard to forget,
But I guess I have no choice
It was my bright idea anyway
At least youíll have fun
Just know I wonít
I love you too much
Why canít you love me?
I guess I have to go
My time here is short
Iíll have no more pain
I just wish you were here
To see me suffer
To see what Iím going through
Just to never have to think of you.
Blood Red
The sky is red
The blood from my head
Is over the ground
I could have drowned
It began to rain
It dripped into my brain
Life slipping away so fast
I thought we would last
You brought me here
And hit me out of fear
You beat me till I bled
The voice inside my head
Telling me to fall
You pushed me into a wall
I fell into the lake
A quick decision you did make
You saved my life
But later stabbed me with a knife
I laid there in pain
I thought Iíd go insane
You said you loved me
And you gave me back my key
Youíll never come back
And theyíd make sure of that
The sky is red
But now Iím deadÖ
I Miss You (2)
I bleed endlessly for you
I canít live without you
I know weíll be together soon
Or it will be my doom.
Everywhere I look
You are there
I know you donít care
You donít even see me
You took my heart
And wonít give it back
My heart is turning black
Never to love again
Only you can make it all work
It was my idea to do
What I never wanted to
Now all I can say is
I miss you
If You Never Come Back
I know it was my idea
It was probably my fault tooÖ
I should have been able to keep you happy
But I failed everybody, even you
Depressing, I know
But this is how I show
Everything I do
All because of you
You have all of me
And wonít let me go
You know that I love you
But I want you to know
If you never come back
My heart will turn black
Iíll do everything possible
To show you my hurt
I donít want it to be this way
I just want you to come back
I canít live without you
Youíre my other halfÖ
I need you
I want you
I never will let you go
Itíll drive me insane
Till the day it happens
Iíll stop breathing
Iíll keep bleeding
Youíll have to watch me die
Youíll never have me again
And now I say good-bye.
Unhappy (5/4/04)
I said I was happy
When I looked into your eyes
I thought this would work
But I guess my heart lied
Now we are apart
I feel like I could die
I didnít know this would hurt so much
It feels like I just fell out of the sky.
I thought Iíd still be happy
I guess I thought wrong
Itís only been four days
But it seems so long
Until the day that you come back
I wonít be able to breathe
When I see your face
Iíll wish youíll never leave
I use to be happy with you
But after that day
I never wanted so much to say
Please, come back into my live
To end all of this hard strife
Notice Me
I see you
But you look right past
You see a tall, tan blonde walk by
Your eyes follow her
If only she were the lastÖ
Itís every girl but me
I walk right past
Like every other girl does
Your eyes donít even budge.
Another blonde walks by
And your conversation is on pause
Until she is out of your sight
Am I just another lost cause?
Notice me
Please forget about the blondes
Iím here waiting
Iíll wait for you always,
While youíre out dating
Do You See
Iím young but Iím old (You never thought of me as your gold)
Iím lost but I am found (But youíre not here to see)
Iím blind but I can see (Though itís hurting me)
Iím deaf but I can hear (Your words, theyíre killing me)
Iím silent but yet I talk (I guess you never thought)
Iím gone but Iím still here (Did you ever think of me dear?)
Iím dead but I can still breathe (I think nobody cares)
Iím leaving but Iím not moving (You left me still)
Iím crying but nobody can see (These tears were made for you)
Iím lying but Iím telling the truth (Why canít you see)
Iím your everything but Iím nothing (Those sweet words wonít work for me)
Iím you sunflower but all the seeds are gone (These truths, these lies, these lost words, these forgotten pasts, these dying seeds are all apart of me)
Do you still not see?
Iíve been lost in your space,
Entangled in your web,
Crying with your tears,
And yet this unforgiving pain,
Is all I feel.
The pain of being with you,
As you hurt me over and over
With those words flying through the air,
Pinning me to the wall,
But yet you cry those tears
As I cry,
Standing here
In your web of knives.
I liked you as a friend,
And made it a trend,
To know you inside-out
And about this thereís no doubt
But as we came closer,
There was something fishy
I realized that
I felt a bit uneasy.
It wasnít just a friendship,
It was something more.
Maybe it was love,
And right to the core.
The day I told you this
Even you felt the same
And went right ahead,
To play with me the game.
The days with you were so bright,
I was free of all fright
You were there with me at all times,
No matter how hard they rhymed.
But as the days passed,
As the seasons changed
Instead of coming closer
We went away from each other
It was my entire fault
I didnít protect you from the sun
Instead of sitting with you
I made a fast run
I was a bit nervous
And a bit to conscious
Of what you thought of me
In these hardships
Finally the day arrived
And everything was over
When you and me
We now no more closer
And now when you are not there
To hold my hand
I feel like a beach
Without any sand
But Iím sure of this
That you donít feel the same
You even
Forgotten my name
But oh I ask you dear
Why be so unfair,
Like all the other books
The pages have to tear?
Whenever I speak to you
You are so rude
But let me tell you something
Youíll always be cute
Let me tell you something
Something right from my heart
No matter how you treat me
I love you with all my heart
You were the sunshine in my life
Though it doesnít shine of me today
Iíll keep loving you,
Every single day.
I know there are certain people
Whoíll always be there for me
But others are just full of ignorance
And find it hard to see.
That Iím sill a person
And I still have feelings too.
Theyíve never had the confusing
That Iím going through
I will try to be strong
Iíll try my very best
To forget about negativityís
And prove Iím better than the rest
I know itís gonna be tough
And hard to keep being me
But friends keep on saying
Just be who you want to be.
Life will never be easy
Iíll tale it stride by stride
I know who my friends are
And in them I will confide.
Where Is The Hope?
Itís not at school,
At work,
At play.
Itís not on the road,
Nor the streets today.
Itís not with the others,
Or on your own
Hope is started,
And finishedÖ
At home.
Friends are there
Always, forever
Friends are there
With you where ever
Friends are there
Through thick ní thin
Friends are there
Lose or win
Your friends will be there
Where ever you go
For you always
This you should know.
I walk alone
Down this road
Without you
Iím at an all time low
I cry all night
Dreaming about you
About when weíll be together
Wondering if you feel this way too
My heart is dieing
Along with my soul
You are hurting me so much
Is this your goal?
To hurt me so much
Iíll never love again?
To hurt me so much
My heart will never mend?
I walk alone,
Talk alone,
Live alone,
And without you
Iíll die alone.
I Want You Back
This is kind of hard for me to say
I like being friends
But this is how I feel every day.
It feels like depression
But I only feel like this around you.
This I donít really want to mention
I think of you way too much
Youíre always on my mind
I can still feel your ever haunting touch.
I want to hold you
In my arms
I want you to feel this way too.
Iíd ask you to come back
But Iím afraid
You donít want to.
Inside I cry
All the time
Why did I say good-bye?
This was hard for me to tell
But now you must forget
So your lifeís not a living hell.
I write,
To express how I feel.
I may not share them with everyone,
But itís not a big deal.
I may not be the best,
But Iím not the worst.
The way I write them,
Youíll know Iím not cursed.
I write about
The love I once had
And the love I want back
But I donít think any of them are bad
I write about
How great friends are
And some dreams Iíve had
Ö Iím defiantly not a star.
I Fell Without You,
I Want You Back
ÖJust to name a few
This is what I do
To make me feel
Happy instead of sad
Like I said, itís no big deal.
Bruised but Not Broken
My heart has been beaten
My heart has been bruised
My heart has felt more hurt,
Than it could handle.
My heart is true
My heart never lies
My heart aches
My heart has been bruised
No longer a beautiful red
No longer as strong as it was
Black and blue
And weaker than ever
My heart has been bruised
My heart is bruised
But it will heal
As soon as it forgets
You and everything you do
My heart has been bruised
It wonít ever be as strong as is was
But I will never be broken
My heart has been bruised
But bruised is better,
Than broken.
Okay? (Revised)
You think that what you did was okay?
You think that I donít care?
Whatís done is done,
You have no pain to bare.
I thought you said you love me?
Was it just a lie?
Did you not want to feel lonely,
And now you say good-bye?
My heart weighs a ton.
Did you just use me?
Why couldnít I see?
Well, I know you donít love me
No matter how much it hurts me to say
But I still love you
And I will everyday.
No matter what happens
You canít break my love
Even if you pray to the heavens above
Just a Word
WordsÖ what are they
Theyíre just a thing
An inadament object
They canít even sting
But yet with one word
My world came tumbling down
Just that one word
That came out of your mouth
It broke my heart to pieces
It set my world on flames
And the love of my life
Is the one to blame.
With just one word
Just a word of seven
My work came tumbling down
It went to hell from heaven
I know you didnít think
That one word could make a difference in my life
That word that made my world come tumbling down
That word was good-bye.
If I Only KnewÖ
I donít know if you know how I feel inside,
Or why my feelings Iím trying to hide.
The feelings I feel for you,
I donít know if you feel them too.
I feel like Iím losing a good friend,
And deep down inside, I donít want this friendship to end.
Though I canít always express the way I truly feel,
I know I like you, but I wish this wasnít real.
Itís ruining a friendship, tearing it apart.
Because I know you donít feel the same way in your heart.
I like you in a way that you donít like me
Now that you know how I feel, you call the shots,
Iíll let it be.
Is There Such Thing As Love?
There is no such thing as love
Iíve decided this is true
And Iíve come to this conclusion
All because of you.
There is no such thing as love
Though I wish this wasnít so
You proved this truth to me
When you decided to go
I wish there were such a thing as love
And that you wouldnít cheat or lie
Because every time you break my heart
I feel like Iím going to die.
I wish there were such a thing as love
Wouldnít that be comforting
To know that this illusion
Doesnít have to he a dream
Maybe there is such a thing as love
Because you called the other day to say
You miss me but though I want you back
Something insideís saying ďstay away!Ē
Now I know thereís such a thing as love
Only I found it in other arms
I know this is true love
Because his intentions involve no harm
Now I know thereís such a thing as love
Because he would never hurt me or lie
Iím so happy that Iíve found true love
This time with a faithful guy!
I love him with all my heart
And I know he returns it too
ĎCause he doesnít lie or cheat on me
In fact heís nothing like you!
Do You Remember?
Do you remember,
The first time we kissed?
When I left your house
Right away you were the one I missed
Do you remember,
The first time we went out?
I know thatís not much to talk about.
Do you remember,
The first time you broke up with me?
I cried so hard Ďcause I thought youíd never leave
Do you remember,
The first time you said ďI love youĒ
I said ďI love you tooĒ
Do you remember,
The first time we ďhung outĒ
Thatís something to smile about.
Remember that the little things always count
Thereís a lot to think about
We did do a lot together.
Do you remember?

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