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We are Nivenvy from a small little town that is about to become big big , BIG!!!
Were looking for a drummer who likes punk

Hello people of well every where. the new band nivenvy is comming out very soon. i hope blink 182 heres this because we would all like a little support please. i really abmire the way Blink has shown their support (making of the ''rock show'') so every one out there thats into punk rock e-mail me at:

I WANT TO THANK JORDAN RENDALL, BECAUSE WITHOUT HIM I WOULDN'T HAVE ANYBODY TO LAUGH AT. and i would also like to thank mrs. wagner for brining music sprit into my system. The band is made up of Cody kadwell, Brad white, and scott remier. please send me a e-mail of what you can do and ill get right back to you.

Other Places to go:

Email: cody kadwell

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