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Class of 07!

Hiya! My name is Nicole Randall and I'm from Indpls, IN. I go to Decatur Central High School (in Decatur Township) and go to Southwest Church of the Nazarene. I like Chinese food and I go to church every Wed. and Sun. that I can. I am an active member of my church and am in a lot of after school activities and clubs at my school, for example.... Drama Club, Theatre, Sophomore Newsletter, Tennis, Foreign Language Club and much more. I love writing poetry and short stories in the time I have left from not doing all my other activities. My link to my other website with all my poetry on it is listed below.

Email me and the month your birthday approaches, I'll put your name among the rest of the birthday's that month! Remember to put the date of birth on email!! (ex. Jane Doe... 5/12/87)
Here are the birthday's of the month!

Happy birthday to:
Amanda Trostle- the 20th
Ashley Stucker- the 11th
Brian Killinger- the 22nd
Brianna Rooker- 25th
Brittany Dick- the 21st
Carrie Roth- 6th
Cedric Randall- the 13th
Cheryl Lane- the 14th
David Killinger- the 26th
Destiny Janneman- the 14th
Erin Lovell- the 5th
Larry Combs- the 30th
Lindsey Price- the 17th
Maria Chesher- the 26th
Megan Snyder- the 7th
Michael Harrison- the 21st
Michael Scantland- the 6th
Samantha Anderson- the 9th
Sonya Colwell- the 1st
Tony Hudson- the 2nd
Tyler Gibbs- the 27th


Other Places to go:

Email: Nicole Randall

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