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Jocelyn's File
Jocelyn Alonzo

Hi my name is Jocelyn ALonzo and I am 13 years old. MY boyfriend name is Alejandro Cuevas, he's cool dude.. So well I will right back...
Who is my best friend? Deanna Casavilla, Jennifer B., Brandi, Reba.S, Melinda, Megan M., Lesile, and Miriam Lopez.
Melinda and Megan is cool, popluar, beauitful, sweet, friendly,and sweet.
My family name is Mom-Letha, Dad-Jim,Sister-Jenelle,Brother-Jacob and Grandma-Maria.
If you want know everything about then you can email me and ask me Okay! (smile) (winks)

Alejandro Cuevas...he is cute I still love him very much because he is cool important good personailty.

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Email: Jocelyn

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