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Waffles Waffles Waffles

Yo what up My name is Waffles and only my friends and some other people know my real name but whatever. So I made this Home Page to show how much i love Waffles and Muffins my thing last year was muffins but now i have moved on to Waffles. So thats kinda werid I know but hey we all have are own thing right.
Well this year I am on the Sidewinders team and there alright except for our Tee-Shirts. No Offense to My teachers or anything but we go to our core classes our peers love to taunt us ( you lknow they just wish they could have one lol). Yep and this year i have Ms. Smith and i don`t think she really like me and I hope she doesn`t find this web site or I can kiss my A in her class goodbye.
My favortie music is probaly just about everything and yes country music alright I guess. I have lots of Hobbies I like playing soccer basketball and other stuff but I can't anymore on a count that I happened to Break my leg or ankle whatever and that I have this thing that is like a cast but is actually something called a boot. So instead of me being called waffles or anything else i am called gumpy,Crippled,hop-along(thats what my A/A teacher
called me) and other werid stuff .
Well thats my life basically right now yep I do Dance
OMG I am coming up with a waffles website taht has lots of cool stuff like waffle movie it is so cool. OMG u will love it you can click the toaster thing and differt wafflles will come out and u can play games it is so awesome and then u can make a thing with the Microwave. So I will tell u when it is ready iight so stay tuned.
I am giving people Nicknames like for EX:Muffin,Pancakes,Toast and Jam,Busqicut(how ever u spell it), Scrambled eggs,sunny-side up. Well those are already taken but if u want one E-mail me or if u know me ask me.
Yeah I know I can't dance and I finally realized that I am white and that me and Ginger need to stop trying to do the crib walk and that other thing. So I am sorry that we embrassed any of you at the 1st dance of the year my bad.
Well this is the end so Later Que pasa Hola whatever


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