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Something To Do
Welcome To My Page. Tell Everyone About It...

hey, welcome to my site. I want you to tell everyone about it. If you don't then you just suck.....
so, go find something to do.
if anyone knows how to set up pictures on this page, email me on my email link on the bottem of the page...

this is a site for stupid lazy people who cant find anything else to do....
my name is emily. i am 13 years old and i live in ohio. i sometimes skateboard, i play bass guitar, i go 2 center middle school.
the best bands in the world are sum41, blink 182, cky, afi, metallica, green day, him, the presidents of the united states of america, relient k, puddle of mudd, slayer, taking back sunday, my chemical romance, jimmy eat world, the explosion, marlin manson, slip knot, ect...

Other Places to go:

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click here to go to a good website if you are bored but you shouldn't be bored because this is an awesome wbesite.

Email: Emily

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