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runescape help
by: carter.H

yo ppl this is my new site
this site is to help you with your runescape life.
in order to type different colors in rs2 this is wat u have to put depending on wat color you want. red:text, cyan:text, scroll:text
wave:text, flash1:text.

easy runes: go to the castle in the wilderness (about lvl 15 wilderness) due west of the hero's monument inside there will be lots of runes even chaos all the runes respawn in groups of 5.

easy money: (member only) go to the east entrance of verrock and then go to were the tea stall is keep going from that and there will be a gate with a guard by it go inside and go to the cloths shop and trade the shop keeper then buy lots of gray wolf fur. next go to verrock centeral and sell the gray wolf fur to the fur stull for 120 gp each it realy works!!!!

easy arrows if u go into the wild about lvl 12-14 go to the heros monument and arrows should be every were
tresure help!!!!(navagation)
This guide is intended to give general hints and suggestions for solving clues. It will NOT give direct answers to any clue that you have.

If you have questions on specific clues, feel free to ask and I or someone else will do our best to point you in the right direction. There are 5 basic types of clues: coordinates, riddles, anagrams, puz
zle boxes, and maps. See below for assistance with each type.


Coordinates are locations in the RS map given in degrees and minutes. Each degree is broken down into 60 minutes, so 18 degrees-30 minutes would be halfway between 18 degrees and 19 degrees. To get started on this type of clue, you will need to go to the Observatory, where you will need to find a sectant, watch, and a chart. Using the sectant, you can find your current location. Simply move North, South, East, or West until your sectant location matches your clue. Use a spade on that spot to get your next clue.

General hints on coordinates:

-0 degrees-0 minutes is centered on the Observatory. Anything greater than about 12 degrees north will be in the wilderness.

-Open a world map from the RS help section in another window. It will give you a referance of where to go, especially if your location is on an island somewhere


Along with coordinates, riddles make up a large majority of clues. They are generally made up of two parts, a reference of where to go on the map (this can include cities, people, buildings, etc.), a
nd what to look for once you get there. Try referring to the world map to look for town names that might match your clue, or think of characters from various parts of the world. This is where most people will end up asking for help on


Anagrams are frequently found embedded in riddles, and are sometimes highlighted or otherwise marked. To solve the anagram, you must rearrange the letters to something that points you in the right direction. For instance, my name "Therominator" can be rearranged to spell "Monitor Earth" or "Rhino at Metro." A good place to start with these is an online anagram generator, which can easily be found in a google search.

*Puzzle Boxes*

Puzzle boxes are uncommon and can be very frustrating to solve for somebody who has not had experience solving these types of puzzles before. Here are a couple hints to make them go faster:

-The final picture will be a stone castle on a hill (this is the only one that I have gotten so far)

-Don't try and solve the whole puzzle at once, instead try to work column by column. Get everything in the first column in place, then move on to the next one (at this point, you shouldn't have to touch the first column anymore)

-Look at the colors. Blue will go on top, green will go on the bottom, and the gray stone will be centered on the final image.

-The empty square will end up on the bottom right. You should work from left to right until you have 2 columns left, then go top to bottom. This way, the empty square will end up in the right place.

-When you think you are done, talk to the person that gave you the box. If something is wrong, check carefully for pieces that don't match the pieces next to them. Othewise, have patience, puzzle boxes take som getting used to.

-Do NOT log out in the middle of a puzzle box, when you come back, it will rescramble!!!

I do not have much experience with maps, but a general hint is to open a world map in another window and look for similarities between your map and the world map. Apparently, the compass directions refer to steps that need to be taken, so 3N would be 3 steps north. Remember, X marks the spot.



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