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Hello Everyone, my name is Shaq and this is my webpage. I had another webpage entitled "Identity" but I deleted it because I wanted to start over fresh and new. This site is named after Ashlee Simpson's song "LaLa". I just love it. I love is so much that I named my webpage after it. Coming soon will be my online journal, and many more goodies. But for now, just enjoy what I have going on right now.
Also, feel free to e-mail me. Just click on the link at the bottom of the page to send me a hello. But, if you curse, use vulgar language, or e-mail anything inappropriate, I will definitaly block out your e-mail address so that you can't e-mail me anymore. So just keep that in mind when you e-mail me.
Thought of the day:
12/8: Be a leader, not a follower.
P.S.- This site will get updated regularly. So expect new things to be put on here a lot.


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