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hey everyone, this is sylva.
click on my links for really good websites, this is just like a started sight. the first one is urban dictionary, where u can define ur word,and if ur a paren its useful for finding out what things like ass-candle refer to.
the second link is where u should get ur tickets to gigs (please metal, any kevs using this site will be tracked down and i cannot be responsible for consequences following), the third link is a sight written by a very bored individual about faeries, and however interesting please dont get like her.
i would lastly like to give some points...
alex turpin is a wank-stain.
msn is a life ruiner (however useful)
Xfm has been taken over by capital, and listening should be cut down to 3 hours a day maximum, for fear of head-illness.
Slipknot do not kill baby creatures, they make amazing music.
Marylin manson is one of the cleverest guys ever living.
and lastly refer to sarahs msn name (thanx huni) YOU LAUGH BECAUSE IM DIFFERANT, BUT I LAUGH BECAUSE U R ALL THE SAME.
bye now.


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