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U Peeps Must A Clicked On Da Wrong Thang
Or Else U WANTED To Come To My Page

My full name: Bethany Rose Gravert
Eyes:Green (if ya hadn't noticed;lol)
Fav. Singer: John Micheal Montgomery
Fav. Song: I Can Love You Like That-John Micheal Montgomery
Fav. Class: History (amazingly enough)
Fav. Color: navey blue
Fav. Animal: otter
Guys i like: u seriosly didn't expect me 2 tell ya this now did ya?lol

betty jo happy b-day what do you want as a present?
brenna nice webpage thanxs 4 including me in it
ashley hi ya thanxs 4 comin to my page
donna good luck with chad, greg, and taylor
thats all folks! lol

Email: Bethany Gravert

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