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About Brittany

Hi! My name is Brittany Davis an I live in Chelsea,Alabama Not a very Exciting place,but it's all good with me. Im 15 an i go to Chelsea High school. Im a pretty cool person i think lol. I LOVE 2002 Trans Am's and just being me. I love to listen to music! My favorite band is 3 doors down! and good charlotte. Ill listen to anything if it has a good beat then ill listen to it.......well maybe not opera or anything,but you know what i mean! LOL! Im also i big fan of Sleeping lol! Umm basketball is another favorite of mine. As sum "home dawgs" would say "i got game" lol! I love hangin out with my best friends in the world we pretty much embarrassing eachother lol. oh yeah whats up to alll muh best buddies!!!

Look at these eyes, baby blue, baby just like yourself If they were brown Brittany lose, Brittany sits on the shelf But Brittany's cute, Brittany knew Brittany's dimples would help Make Home-e's swoon baby (ooh baby!) yeah thats rite im a cutie an i know it lol! But ne wayz whats up to everyone i know......i dont feel like write'n everyone i know b/c ill leave sum one out and then yall will start buggin and be like "MY NAMES NOT ON THERE" then i say oh ill put u on there then i forget b/c yer not inportant to me and you keep buggin till i write u up b/c im sick of u!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha oh man yall know i love ya'll! well i hope you guy liked what i wrote and all that good crap. If not then ummm cough cough screw you cough cough! so bye bye yall LOVE BRITTANY!!!!!!!!!

Email: BrittanyDAVIS

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