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Chelsea Love's ya
(: Chelsea Loves greogry :)

Welcome to my home page.I am Chelsea Smith. I am 14 years old.My brithday is Apirl 27th. I have red hair,Blue-n- Green eyes, And I am about 5'2 1/2. I love to sing and go to church.....
I love to go hang out and be with an awesome group and have lots of fun. I like to try my best at anything that comes in mind! If you really want to be good at a sport you like you can just try your best and focus on it!!! My goal for life is to finish school and go to collage and have a blast...I want to be a Christian Singer and one day be a nurse...The most Important thing to me is living for God and always follow his fottprint.No MAtter What....
I Have a boyfriend name Gregory...Hes so cute and sweet..I hope that we stay together for a very long time... I hope it all work out for us like we want it.....
Important message:
If you are having troulbe with any of you friends.....And you love them to death ...Try to work it out.Dont make a hugh mistake! Because i had made a big mistake the other day and I felt like I'd lost my last friend..... Friends are everything they can be to you! Dont let nothing ever come between you and your friends r-ship!!! Even if ya'll like the same guy try to work it out!!lol!!!!
Love ya all!!!!

Shoutout to my girls ........Haley H. I love ya chick...ur my best friend.Thank you for always been there for me!!! Angel, I love you 2 and thankz for always having my back.... Britney, Hey girl I still love ya no matter what. Even tho we dont really talk as much...I am so sorry for anythings i had said or done to you!!! I lov ya..
Shoutout to my boys: ..............Gregory--Hey! I love ya to death and I am so glad we are together and thanks for been everything to me..It means alot to me. I hope our relation ship lasts forever....

Email: ChElSeA SmiTh

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