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Cool Cheats
Best Cheats In The World

This page will contain the coolest cheats for GameCube games that I can find.
I hope they are helpful!
Super smash brothers melee , Characters :
jigglypuff,beat any mode with anyone
marth , beat classic with Jigglypuff
roy,beat classic mode with marth
falco,beat 100 man-melee
young link,beat classic mode with over 10 different people .
mewtwo,play v.s. mode for 20 hours
gannondorf,beat event mode match triforce gathering .
luigi,beat lv.1 on adventure with a 2 at theend of your time . example:5:52:45
dr.Mario,beat classic mode on normal with mario .
pichu,beat the legendary pokemon,beat classic , adventure , or target test with every character .
characters that you cannot get are,Sonic , Tails , Giga Bowser , Master hand , Crazy hand , dr.eggman , riglhey , adam , mickey , or nuckles . These are characters that are roumoured to be in the game , they aren't . When the game tells you you have unlocked everything , you really have , egm made an april fools joke in an article that said you could unlock tails & sonic and had a picture of them fighting in the green greens stage , this was made over computer . egm even admitted it . The date of the article was
4-01-02 april fools day !!!!!!!!
luigis mansion cheats
chansy : In the beginning , in the room , rock the rocking horse and hit the baby with the ball , he will take you to his crib and shrink you . He will throw rocking horses at you , dodge them , next , he will throw balls at you , doge them , one will stop , suck it up and throw it at him . He will become vunarable . Suck away !
bogmire , after you defeat the dog , take your game boy horror , zoom in on the dog house door , you wil be sucked trough . Catch all the mr.Bones' and the headstone will light up . Rattle all the toumbstones , collect the harts . Go to the toumbstone . Bogmire will appear . He will take you inside his toumbstone . NOTE:BOGMIRE IS THE ONLY 'LIVING' GHOST . YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SUCK HIM UP EASILY . enemies in battle : bogmini , suck him up and shoot him at bogmire . Then , suck away .
BOOLOUSUS:Walk up to the boos on the balcony , They will surround Luigi . You are put on the secret balcony . suck an ice ghost up from the statue . Suck boolousus into a statue and watch it pop . Freeze the boos and suck them up . After all three are sucked up VICTORY!!!!!!!!
van gore . as you enter the room , he will make ghosts fly at you , suck em' up , van gore wikll be weakened , suck him up VICTORY NUMORO 4
BOWSER & KING BOO bowser will attack you with attacks , but one inpriticular will bring him down.When he shoots spikeballs at you suck them up , when he bends over to shoot fire at you , launch the spikeball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His head'll pop off ! Suck king boo up , but watch the head's iceball attacks , they'll freeze you and take 12 damages off you . After awhile , his head'll go on backward , and he'll run around the stage . After 4 or 5 times of hits from the spikeballs . king boo will fall to the hands of Luigi ( oh yeah , you too) victory final !!!!!!!!!!!
By the way you will need 20 boos to fight boolousous and 40 to fight king boo you will need 40 boos (you gain 15 boos from boolousous)

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