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I Love Bam
All About Bam Margera

name: Bam Margera

birthdate: 9/28

hometown:West Chester, PA

sponsors: Jones Soda,Clive, Element, Adio, Volcom, Diakka, electric, fairman's spitfire, destroyer, cky

fav skaters:boulala, penny, Maldonado, getz, saari, hoof

fav music: HIM, CKY, and death metal

influence : Ville Valo

fav food: toasted everything bagel w/mayo, lettuce, and tomato

fav movies: good will hunting, mallrats, lost boys, robin hood 'men in tights'

fashion tip : rock tight black gear but spray paint it mist of white so it looks dirty

hates: the airport scenarion, tod swank

likes: his S4 and A4, hoof's gear, FDR Park

funniest thing ever heard: in a hotel in boston, while brushing his teeth ryan gee told him "brushing your teeth is played out"

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