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The Dark Knights of Runescape

Welcome to the Dark Knights of Runescape.The goal of this clan is to stay ahead of the game and all rivals.only the best will be able to enter our clan,and only few shall be commended.I am the head of this clan,my name is Julian but you may refer to me as Albeees (which is my runescape screen name).we will dominate all opposers and doubters!We shall rise to the top as the very best!
to get started,we will be accepting donations for the clan(but it is optional whether you decide to or not).we will have a rank chart posted as soon as possible.the more you donate,the more you raise in rank.The rank leaders will be posted to sector leaders.Sector leaders SHALL BE RESPECTED BY MINORS and are the highest of ranks.every week i shall check standings and rearrange sector leaders.starting charts are

albeees: gondor king
galahad12:elven official

the rest will be listed when there are knew members.And the drop parties shall be prepared just keep posted!


Email: Julian

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