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Five Hotties From New York
Dream Street

I love Dream Street. Jesse, Chris, Greg, Frankie, and Matt are the five hottest boys i ever saw in my whole life!!!!!!! They all have great vocies. Even thought the group broke up they are still my all time favorite group!! I am their biggest fan!! I really love them and i hope you do to. Jesse and Greg both solo and they both have Cds that are out in stores now. I have meet Jesse and Greg before and i meet alot of Dream Street Fans. My friends and family say i am crazy but i just smily and say i am crazy, for dream street. Most people in my school thnik Dream Street is a stupid boy band and laugh because i love them. I don't let that change my ming about them because i know that they are not just a stupid boy band. They are a great boy band. Thanks for checking out my webpage. I will try to update it very often.

Dream Streets #1 Fan, Nikki

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