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For runescape xp and items, look no further
(there are people who can tell you that this is not a scam. loyalslave, inoidontno, and pker1224 were the first 3 to have used this helper and none of them lost anything. You can even ask them.)

11/29/03 My Runescape name is pkindiguise and I have played the game for a long time now and I have gotten really good. I have grown bored of my account because he is so good. This is why I know spend my time helping other people who are lower then lvl 75 get as good and rich as I am. I am lvl 101 and have 1 mil. Add me to your friends list on runescape or add gregger713 to your AOL Instant Messager. Tell me your account type and password and some reasonable stats and items you wish to get and I will try your account and get those items and/or expirience for you. Please dont mention a lvl to me that will take a long time to get to. I am good but not a computer hackr or scammer.
1/4/04 Nobody has been letting me help them. I have traded my account for a smaller one and a ton of money. I kept my money from my previous account though so I can still get you items. But I hope telling you this information may have you change your mind about letting me work on your account because now I have a lower lvl account and still all the items I could possibly want so I wouldn't want your account. I only want to make it better. The account name I own now is kewl dawg103 but my AOL Screen Name is still the same.
1/29/04 I am hoping the reason people haven't been using this helper is because they haven't been able to contact me. I don't have an email address so I got permission and posted my friend's email address so whenever someone wants my help they email him, he tells me, and I do it. Don't worry about my friend knowing your password (You can change it as soon as I'm done anyway). I know him in real life and he has a lvl 47 account with a bunch of stuff in it and I have his password and garuntee you he won't steal your account. If for some reason he does, I will replace any items stolen, retrieve the password he changed it too, and give you his account. This is highly unlikely to happen, though, for I have known him quite a while.

2/20/04 I swear by my heart ppl this is not a scam. My friend just got his account stolen and he quit rs!! I couldn't do that to anyone i swear. I am not making this up. He really did get his account stolen. the only person i would ever scam here is that ***** who stole his account.

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