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Quite breif well i tried

Um my name is Emily Mary Cartwright i live with my dad at sleaford.I am 13 and 8 months.I have 4 sisters Abbie,grace,beth,lucy.My parents are split up mum goes out with richard whos daughter is beth and dad is married with jo whos daughters are abbie and lucy.I go to Aveland high i have just started there in Y9. It is very scary and well scary,being new is not easy in a small school.I am very much in love with ryan who is 14 .He is the most important thing to me and i love him sooo much and i want to spend the rest of my life with him.My intrest are guitars,music,drama e.t.c.When im older i want to be a forensic photogerpher which means when there has been a murder i am the first one to see the dead bodies and i have to take photographs on the so then the be taken away to be post-mortemed.anyway.....

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