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Carrie-bangin Oscar in the trash can!!:::ANGRY:::lol-lots of love!!! This Note is Personal:::48/60::: very angry::: Wheres my gift?
Brooke-Pickin up Chicken on the bus & fillin Tylers pantry with Spanish food!!!!
Haleigh-shh:::likein the frog::: Please rub it in my face:::
BrTnY-UR soo mean:::MOM::: GIVE ME SOME GUM!!!!!!!!
Gina-Help me my nose is bleeding!!!!::::hows it goin:::::::::
Audrey-Oscar & Strawberry Short Cake-Bangin-
Anna-This is not beauty 101 so put up the makeup!!!!!!!!
Camille-I was in your room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Timmy-I know your there
Katie Moffit-Who are you?
Lauren-Are you on?:::::NOPE:::: What about now?::::::NOPE:::::
Ashley Gardner-Ohh shoot Ohhhhh SHOOT Ohh shooot-Thank goodness I am wearing a white shirt!!! 2 points for Tyler for being the Bra ringing champ!!!!:::::SKITTLES & ICE::::::
Corker-Pick up those napkins!!! Thats what i want to see!!!!!!!!!!!!
Collums-SPIT OUT YOUR GUM!!! Stay after class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Walker-What do we do in this class,class? Take out the homework that i didn't asign you-
Senora_ _ _ _ _ _ _-No there is nothing about grannies in our note:
I still have an A in your class!!! WWW.STUPIDEXAMS.COM

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