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Jennifer's sexy homepage
Pictures coming soon.......

Hey! Jennifer here. I'm a senior in High School and a student in the "Simi Valley School of Cosmetology". I'm sorry I have no pictures yet, but they'll be here soon, I promise! Meanwhile, I'll just tell you what I look like. I am 5'5", 112 lbs, long, wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, and a tight body. I also work part time as a model for Barbizon. I live in an apartment in North Hollywood with hopes of having a carreer in modeling. I am currently 18 yrs. old, and will be graduating from High School in just a few months. I'm lonely cuz I just broke up with my boy friend and I need someone to talk to. Well, I'm online alot so you can IM me @ coffeegirl068. I'd love to here from you!

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