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Some things you need to know about basketball:
1. Do not travel
2. You can take the ball out of their hands
3. Do not push (foul)
4. Can not push outof bounds , they go out themselves
5. Do not do anything bad because you could end up not playing
6. Have sportsminship!
7. Do not hit other players anytime
8. Do not yell at coach
9. Just have fun!
Last Updated: 5: 25 pm, January 4th, 2003-Sunday
Suns 73
Raptors 83
Bucks 100
Wizards 94
Nets -
Nicks -
Preview 7:00 pm ET
Sonics -
Kings -
Preview 9:00 pm ET
Lakers -
Clippers -
Preview 9:30 pm ET
Last Updated here: 5:29

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