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*Kara Schroeder*

Hey my name is Kara as you all should know! Well i just made this page out of boredom and go to the links at the bottom to see chants, cheers and other stuff!
Well, hope u like it!
The refs have always been blind, it's our job to make them deaf." And "Flying is the second best thrill to cheerleaders; being caught is the first."
Wimps lift Weights, Cheerleaders lift People
I Cheer On Two Occasions.. Day *&* Night
All women are created equal...then a few become cheerleaders
Cheerleaders ROCK...Cuz they know how to ROLL
Cheerleading sneakers...$50; Cheerleading Camp...$130; Cheerleading uniform...$175; Being the Coach and seeing their smiles after coming in second place at CYO competition...PRICELESS
Fly high, do or die, dare to dream, cheer extreme
Here are some other cheerleading web sites that r worth looking at

Other Places to go:

Cheers and chants

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