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My Stuff

Hey, I am 16 I live in Ogdensburg Ny I am in 10th grade at Ogdensburg Free Academy my name is Kristie I enjoy soccer listening to music hanging with friends bowling pool chillen at the beach I am a proud aunt of Blake Keegan-Thomas **** born on December 13 2002 weighing 7lbs. 14 ozs. 23 ins. long and Jaydn Pilot-Troy **** born on April 2 2003 weighing 6lbs. 14ozs. and 19 and a half inches long. I have the best sister anyone could ask for even though when I was younger she used to drag me up the stairs by my hair. I have great parents who support me in everything i do. I am in love with the best persone in the world AdaM I LOVE YOU BABY. I do not think people who run their mouths are cool nor do i think it is cool to talk about people behind their backs. I am the type of person that if I am gonna talk about you behind your back i am going to talk about you to your face. alot of people cal me a bitch. I have 2 tatoos and 12 piercings 11 in my ears and 1 in my tounge

where to start,your a wonderful person i love being with you, , our great talks about the nasty Rachel, our phone calls, all my questions just call me nosey, the pistol thing with spencer, i love you soo much having you here was great being there with you was amazing great mems like the make up the lightining fingernail polish catch the elevators the flumes your pimp mobile shawn backing into the fence making fun of erik me knocking on the pantry then me hoping i didnt wake anyone up lol swimming at like mid night BOP IT mr. 107 and now im 122 getting you socks close and being with you is awsome i love you so much and nothing will ever change that i love you baby
Ash-love you to death sorry bout introducing you to Rodney glad you and Todd are together
Todd- not many mems between you and i but they will come with time cause im hoping your brother dosent get rid of me to soon
Mike- hey to bad about all the shit that nasty bag is putting you through
Kyle- marsha marsha marsha
Ryan- hey hun i get the middle and ur shelf
Chrissy- good luck with the baby and the one on the way
Scoot- hey hun be good to those kids
Ben- hey hunny ur a real sweety keep it real
Angel- playing cards k?
Ashley- my hero
April- luv u and Alexis so many mems call me bobby so many mems, you have made it thru it all mom at 16 the turtle and wife to be bobby the freak wow our late night pranks im gonna mutualate u i wanna see what ur insides look like great mems lylas
Matt- hey hun ur a sweety
Jessie- ur obbsessed
Ross- we're picking on the blind one
Mindy- hey girl ur a good friend just get ur stuff together and look at people for who they are not what you want them to be
Kieran- hope things will get better between us ur a cool guy i think sorry about everything i said
Tim-love ya hun your a real sweety to bad your girlfriend is grose
Megan- uhh yeah
Tory- a real doll keep it real
Heather W.- i have my own apt. lots of mems
Heather C.-wow ur a theif now got to love the fam
Heather S.- lots of mems the girl laying drunk in the middle of the rode
Tahsa- Hey girl good luck in all you do
Carrie- trying to burn a cd and you not knowing how to use the program
Danny- ur just a male whore
Sam n Siera-great mems . . .
Without umpire, ruthlessly you played the game And planted the seed of bitterness in my soul.You ran and schemed all over the field Striking and scoring all the penalty kicks.I sought no mission to kindness and faith As you swing my emotion in three-sixty degree. Your destructive devices pierced through my heart And your careless words slam-dunked my pride.My simple failures you grossly exaggerated Sweet memories of life you overanalyzed.My cherished hope you cruelly oversimplified And treasured dreams you faintly summarized.Without passion, you committed a flagrant foul Ignoring my feelings without benefit of doubt.You broke the vow and ruined my life Now my heart bleeds... for trusting your love.
Do you know how it feels to be dead while alive;To fall asleep each night to the sound of your cries;To have your life change in the blink of an eye;To discover your reality was nothing but lies?Do you know it feels to want someone to blame;To find yourself alone when you're in the greatest of pain;To realize from this date forward things will never be the same?Do you know how it feels to learn your best wasn't enough;To shed a river of tears at the mention of a name;For someone you love to violate your ultimate trust;To find out all those words were just cold-hearted bluffs;To accept that the future holds no more promise for us?Do you know how it feels to make a fresh start;To keep a smile on your face after your world fell apart;For you as a whole to be shattered in parts?Because I have to wonder...Do you know how it feels to have a heart?
Quit asking if I love you Doubting, when I try Quit looking for the answer When neither one of us knows why Escape into my kisses Wrap me in your arms Hold me like there's no tomorrow Never bring me harm Dream away the sorrow Smile for today Allow the child inside you to giggle, laugh and playDo believe I love you Look into my eyes For there you'll find the truth between us... Never any lies
Your My reason for waking up in the morning and my reason to go to bed at night you are my sunlight each morning and my stars at night so please do me this favor my dear for my without my days are gray donlt let me live one starless night please say you love me please be true for i believei am have fallin in love with you
you are my one and only i get weak knees whenever i am around you when you hold me close my heart just melts i loveyou so much i will do whatever it takes so you don't ever get sick of me I have been broken hearted but you have found your way to my heart you have found the right words to make my trust and believe you my heart and soul are yours forever please take care of them because it took me a long time to mend my heart and to open my heart and to open my soul to someone else i am blessed to have you in my life you are my greatest blessing and i am yours always and forever because you are my one and only
I need someone to love me the way 'he' used to do I need someone who listens to me, someone just like you You know I am lonely, and I know you are, too But I can't be your toy, I'm afraid I'll fall for you. You want us to be more than friends, but less than a pair You want to have your fun with me and expect me not to care I must admit that being physical is a lot of fun But why am I the only one who feels guilty when we're done? I don't hear from you for days, and never get a call In fact, it's very seldom I hear from you at all When you call, I'm so happy, I forget how long it's been Then I go through this painful process all over again. ow do I tell you "no" and still keep you as a friend? hat if I told you I liked you; would you stick by me to the end? need to know if your feelings run as deep as mineI need to know if I'm just a toy... that's going to get left behind.
Emptiness inside, tears down my face, Am I actually in the right place? Hurt and humiliation is what I'm feeling today, 'I love you forever', is what I'm going to say. Am I crazy or stupid or just plain dumb? There's not a feeling in my body... I'm so numb! I cried myself to sleep last night in hopes of a better day, But the more and more I think about it, the more and more I pray. You said you loved me, you told me you cared, You told me I was the only one in your life,You told me I was to be your wife.I try to understand why love hurts so much, Why it brings so much remorse and pain,I guess that's the way love goes, to put the ones you love insane! I was always afraid to tell you, there was so much love and trust, But now that I let it out... everything went to dust. I've looked into your eyes so many times before,I could never imagine seeing you walk out my door. You brought so much happiness and joy in my life,And now it feels like you stabbed me right through the heart With a large dull knife.The abiding love I have inside for you,I promise to never to turn your world so blue, I guess with love no one has the slightest clue
If I had a dime for every word ever uttered in my ear, you know the kind every girl loves to hear...If I had a penny for every promise that was never kept,for the long endless night that I never even slept...If I had a nickel for every hope that you would change,that somehow you and your ways would rearrange...If I got all of that money... then I would've been able to buy a camera for that look on your face when I finally said good-bye!
I like it better when its just me and you When everyone is around you don't act like you It seems you think you need to impress everyone No matter what you say or what is done Sometimes you hurt me, but i don't say a word Cause i don't want you to know that to me u mean the world Its fun when we can joke and fool around But when there's more then us you don't make a sound When you pick on me i know i get mad But then i think it over and laugh so bad I say that i love you but not to your face And at night i dream of us in a far away place Your smile and your laugh fit you nice And I love it when you say twice At times your confusing and make think im losing my mind I think its because i've never met someone so kind I wish i knew what you thought or how you felt But untill i do evertime i see you i will just melt
I wish you could feel all the pain you have caused me .The relentless ache The stream of tears Do you ever feel guilty?I wish you could hear the sound of my heart breaking and my soul dying.Does the thought of your careless actions haunt you I wish you could understand the torture you have put me through . . . The unbearable days The sleepless nights Do you ever wonder if I seek revenge? I wish,just once,I could crush your heart and kill every loving emotion inside of you ...As you have done to me.Does such a thought frightnen you? You are the cause of my suffering,You are the reason I will never love again... Are you satisfied?
Once you lie down And drift into sleep Know that I am up Thinking of you as I weep. Once the dreams begin Do you see someone else or me? Do you mumble another's name; Is it 'her' face you see? The minute you rise From your slumber Do you know what you dreamt And do you keep it locked under-cover? Once another day is complete And you fall asleep Remember, I am up thinking of you,As I weep.
You...Are the sea encompassing my earth with intricate tides Bathed in the soul of your love for me my love for you swirling in the strumming waves and the swelling green yearning of our dreams You...Are a mountain I am...The snow folding myself into your arms Floating into your in-most heart You...Warm me transform me I am...The sapphire lake reflected in your eyes You...Have a heart of iron bravely hedonistic The windows and walls quake at your desire The flames of your fire draw me into the raging night Shivering at the door of your citadel You...Carry me in wooden arms feed my ripe cherries picked by your hands and tend me gently in the feathered-bed of your soul You...Command the sun to smile in slender rays of the honeysuckle dawn You weave your body into mine Your seed is a sacred tapestry igniting my womb Lashed to the pyre of your bone and mortal skin The hemispheres of my mind align...Famished with longing that I may feel the essence of you and the blessed purity of our love All the days of my life
When you think about life And all its negative things, Scary thoughts occur, Great fears it brings. Dealing with friends Who betrayed your trust. Standing alone in the rain From dawn to dusk. Losing the man With whom you wished to share your dreams, Leaves you with eyes like clouds And tears like streams. With family members Arguing from day to night, Makes you want to run away From that unpleasant sight. School is hard, Doing work you don?t understand. Walking down a road Holding no future in your hand. Your world is dark, Empty and confused. You feel angry, frustrated, And completely used. Everything is unclear, You only see death on the way. This life isn?t worth living, It should be taken away. But then there?s a small voice That suddenly appears. Looking all around... you Can?t seem to find it anywhere.This little voice said,?There?s a whole lot more to life. Everyone goes through joy, Happiness, pain and strife. There are people who love you, And you will meet new friends. Everyday is a new experience,It?s just a matter of where and when.? That is when you calm down And begin to think. After all, life can be good And have its positive things. You can have an education If you?re willing to learn. You?re future is the road ahead, Considering which way you turn. You have been hurt, Betrayed, denied and used. But people will know your importance Depending on the kind of friends you choose. Not having a boyfriend Isn?t the end of the world. He?s not worth loving If he leaves you for another girl. It?s normal for a family to argue, ?Cause that?s how they compromise. If you think problems can?t be solved Then you?re not very wise. This little voice saved your life- Didn?t keep you and the world apart.That?s when you realize this voice...Is the ?voice of your heart?
I close my eyes To watch my heart as it dies. No one hurt me as much as you. Those lies you told me, they were all true. As I slit my wrists, I feel no pain, For at this moment I fear I am not sane. The blood is pouring, the memories of you few. My love for you, it seemed so new. The light is dimming, Your words echo through my head. You said you never loved me, I was merely your friend. Darkness is everywhere. My heart beat is slowing. I realize in the darkness when I wake,Life without you was more than I could take.
I just want to sleep Til the hurting is through At least in my dreams I can spend time with you Here in my dream world Our love still exists We walk hand-in-hand Then embracing, we kiss Soft-spoken "I love you’s" As we gaze at the moon We make love so sweetly Then cuddle and "spoon" My memories are re-lived As if they’re brand new Our plans made for the future Are willed to come true But when my eyes open The pain stops my heart Reality hits me That we are apart I can’t stop the tears from welling And I weep My heart feels so empty I just want to sleep
Is it love when I see you? Is it love when I think about you? I need to know why it is I feel like this for you. You're like an angel sent from up above. I think about you and I start to smile. I don't know what it is about you I find so worth my while. Your eyes are so trusting And your smile is so kind. Your gentle touch feels so divine. I can look in your eyes And get lost in their beauty. Everything I feel, I feel so truly. You came into my life And touched my aching heart. You are a true angel Sent from the heavens above. And all I want to know... is it love?
this one was written by Adam Stevens my boyfriend
Couldn't everyone be like you? Or are you once in a blue moon? A modest understatement knows that "you'll do" Each day spent with you ends too soon. However, I shouldn't dare complain, Or I might begin to appear sad, My time without you has all to gain, My heart assures me you aren't a fad. So know now this: I am thinking of you, Of your smile, laugh, and beautiful face. You provide me joy, pride, and direction too. Always know, you're my flowers, and I'm your vase

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