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Teq's Page of mystery!!!!!!!
I love you all and baby, I love you the most!!!!!

Angel sis- I love you girlfriend..without you sometimes I don't know what I would do...thanx for helping me get Michael back...You won't ever know how much that meant to me!! I wish you and greg the very best.... *hugs*
Greg bro- I'll never forget you bro!!!! You always manage to look out for me *s* most of the time I surely need it!! Thanx for welcomming me into the lil chat mean the world to me..we'll have to drink a cold beer one day!!! Treat Angel good or I"ll pay ya a visit *s*
Hope honey bunches of good love- you are fun to chat with g/f and I hope you get everything you want out of and cets stay sweet and TC *g*
Cetykins- hey honeybunches.....thank you for listening to me those few times I needed your input.....never change...
Bett- thanks for letting me chat in your chat room...I"be met many ppl in there and if I wasn't then I would have never met Michael.... *hugs* thanx.....TC
Dory Bro- Bro, I love you and no matter what I'm always here for you!! I miss you like crazy...and am sorry I don't see you as much as I used to....*hugs* TC and please remember you know where to find me if you ever need anything..or just need to talk...
Country Dahlin sis- stay crazy and sweet...don't EVER change for are just fine the way you are a great person...and a good friend *hugs* TC
Brandywoman sisssssssss- Hey sis!!! I love talking to you g/f... you are a good friend to me..and a great sis..I love ya...we have things in common and we can talk about anything...including ppl *winks* haha....remember...scratch my back...and I"ll scratch yours *haaaaaaaaaa* love ya sis......
Emmmmmm- OMG, we've known eachother for a LONNGGGGGGG neither one of us has changed any..jsut gotten older *rolls eyes* ya...TC GIRLIE...
RKM SISSSSSSS- *lick lick* you are a real sweetie...and I seriously hope you are happy in life...and get what you want out of life because you deserve it...You will have to give "our" hubby a kiss for me....just cause of his name *swoons* lol...TC girl..catch ya in chat..................... *slurpppppppppppppp*
Mims--- *takes your fukin blankie and runs to the corna and trades it for a bloody bucket* are so much fun to talk to..and ty for the kind words you have given me... *hugs* I won't ever forget are my fav person to lick..haha..just cause........ohhhhh yesssss babyyyyyyyyy..yummy yummy yum. I love you girl...TC....

SSSSSSS sisssssssssss- I love you girl.......yes, you are day I will make a great mum... *g* around the same time you have another one...*winks* Give David and Courts my love and remember "just cause my accent is southern doesn't mean I cna't bloody well be British" (lmfnao) If I didn't have you to talk to sometime...I think I would probably go into DT'S and tell ppl to "bloody well sod the fuk off" I love yakkin with you and we will have to do the yahell thing again soon. *hugs* take care girl...I love ya and courts and

DragonLady SISSSSSSSS-- *hugs hugs lick slurrrrpppp* I love you sis, you and I have managed to get into more shit together than any law orta allow..lmao...Never fear "the sisters" are there.... if you EVER need know you can call ME..I will be here for as long as it's possible.....we've had some good times..and shared in the bad times...and still managed to hold our heads high and say fuck the bullshit...Kayla is a dahlin....and will go far in life.. and remember I am always your "buttbumpinbunny" and noone NOONE can take that away from us *hugs* I love you to ya on msn............CALL ME!!!!!!!!!! *licks and slurpsssssss*

Woosier- hey girl...take care and be are a great person and I love talking to can really make me laugh..anyways.....I love ya.....see you in chat..
LilMz- hey sissy.....omg..I miss you!!! you are my partner in crime and my sanity haha..or soemthing to that of these days we will eb getting together for drinks...and we will be having fun in the sun...*winks* anyways, I love you and miss you like crazy....*hugs and loves* take care...and I'll call ya soon..promise

Soie-- hey my lil UK pixie......I love yakkin with you in chat... you make me laugh esp on those rare moments you are drunk *lol* yummmm ohhhhh yessssssss BABY!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways, I love you and will talk to ya soon..!! AGAIN!!!!!!! one day~!!!!!!!! lmao

frostierwoman sisssssss- hey there my licking and a kissing honey bunches of sex PM make chatting an experience.. I love sooooooo yakkin wiff ya...and licking..ya..and being licked by ya... *winks* almost as much as i like when Michael licks me...*haha* TC ya

Michael- *jumps in your lap and lays my head on your shoulder* omg baby...I love you so much I hurt with body burns...I ache......I think of you and my heart it possible to love someone so much..I never thought so untill I met you..I am so happy we will be getting married..and even happier you want my children....I think that 3 or 4 will do...or maybe'm not sure yet...I know that i just love you too damn much to ever let you go I got you back and will never let you go...I know we will have a life time of happiness and i know that we will make it work..I love you

(I am still working on this page so please bare with me..I only have a few hours each day to work on it...I'll be adding more names every couple of days or weeks...I'm still trying to get it all together.. email me if you think you should be here..I still have many many MORE names to add.....I love you all)
I love you much...!!!!!! Take care luv

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