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Yo Welcome To my webpage/its going to have you lock up like a cage/all i got is anger and rage/the name is LiLMic/ Hope u like my site/if you dont we can meet tonight/and shit can be poppin/and u and ur dudes will be droppin/while me and my gun is cockin/my rhymes are rockin/now im goin to end the rap/cuz im goin to kill but i might be back/

I walk down the street/ holding my heat/wearing the new jordans on my feet/acting like i cant be beat/cant be/ defeat/ but im sacred to death so i wont go to sleep/what do i see im in a crossfire/feel like im walking on a thin wire/so i put up my hands/my left hand holding a gat/my right holding a mak/im rdy for war/a young nigga at the age 11/shooting a 4/i duck come up/and hit him in the jaw/some other guy shot me with a shotty/i cant walk so i put a couple of bullets in his bodie/im getting mad/the pain is hurting so bad/so i bend over grab the keys out my pocket and hop in my range rova/this is my world niggas and im taking over/

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