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The Nightmare Before Christmas Fan Club!
Obsessed? Join our club... literally!

Hello! This site is all about the Nightmare Before Christmas (See N= Nightmare B4= Before XMS=Christmas, therefore: NMB4XMS). If you are obsessed completely, like us, feel free to join. If your semi-obsessed, feel free to join. If you hate it, join! We want everyone to join with different opions, especially because we work so hard on this site =). Since some people don't know what this mysterious Nightmare Before Christmas is, we've provided a little background for you...
Nightmare Before Christmas Information
Nightmare Before Christmas was created by the brilliant Tim Burton. Tim Burton had also created the "Beetlejuice," "Edward Scissorhands" and the "Batman" movies. The director for The Nightmare Before Christmas,/u> was Henry Selick. The songs by Danny Elfman are fantastic, the lyrics are funny and amazingly put together. This movie is rated PG and is 76 minutes long.

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