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Bonjour! Comment Cava?

Hey everybody whats up? Thanks for like coming and stuff and i hope that you like it and all that other cool stuff!! So yea im a kid at Park High School and its pretty fun and stuff mostly cuz i have like all girls as friends and not many guys but hey whos to complain!! im just a PIMP like that!! lol j.k but yeah its great!! Now im gunna give some shout outs but if there are more than one person i will put an s at the end of the name so you wont have to ask if that is you in there ok k
Jamies,Shelly,Angie,Steves,Ryan,Matts,Andys,Ashleys,Tara,Danielles,Chantel,Raquel,Jessicas,Britneys,Claire,Caroline,Kerrin,Ericks,Peter,Neil,Bonnie,Amandas,Stephanies,Alyssas,Brooke,Katelyn,Bob,Hana,Ericka,Derric,Laura,Kelly,Jasons,Jessie,Jennas,Brent,JHolly,April,Rami,Vivki,Nelli,that stupid sevie, and i think thats all!!!

ALMOST X-MAS YAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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