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My Life As A Teenage Moron
"If life wasn't hard enough"

Basic Boring Facts
I have shoulder length, brown hair, brown eyes, and I'm 5'5" tall. I live in Miami, Florida.I just moved from Californa in December 14, 2003.

My Hobbies & Interests
My hobbies are being bored. Really. I know I'm sad. Ok i Have other hobbies like Drawing, Tennis, and putting together puzzles. My interests are RPG games like the Final fantasy series. I also like anime and all kinds of music. On weekends I enjoy sleeping and playing videogames. I love vampires. Vampires are hot and sexy. All they do is suck blood, kill, and fuck which is awesome. I like playing outdoors but I don't do the whole "lets get together family outing thing," that's just not me. I find lesbians cool and I like porn. I get bored easily and i have really bad memory.
Things That Bother Me
Having your dog suck you cock isn't the same as having a chick suck it so get a life and get yourself a girlfriend.....or if your desperate, get a prostitute......good luck sucka!

My Online Life
My favorite online activities are playing games and chating with friends and other Random people I don't know

Well my home page is a little boring now but once i have more stuff to say it will be better. Well there is nothing to say except that i wish i had a life that is better then now. Well as you can see I am new at all this. I have no life so i decided to make this homepage which really sucks. Yay me!

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Email: Anivad

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