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Goodcharlotte Rules ( benjis levi madden is sxi )
welcome to my homepage

roses are red violets are yellow now kizz my ass like a good lil fellow as the wind blows on the time flys by things do change and friendships die learning from mistakes we continue to grow now facing the truth we try to let go living without the friend and with the shame we try to forget that it wont be the same but the pain still remains the tears fall forth now moving on for all its worth from loosing a friend we've gained in return things do change and from them we learn suicide is not the way to turn. i shed one tear one tear for you for all the pain you put me threw you make me laugh you make me cry you make me sad i wanna die now as i lay here thinking of you and all of the bullshit that you have put me threw you make me hurt you make me cry my mom wonders why i liked you so much i tell her its because u were my first love and your my last as i slit my wrists the blood falls to the ground my body starts to tremble i feel no pain my mom walks in horrified becuse i was her baby girl i see her crying and it hurts me too see that i have left my mom to be in such pain she picks my almost lifeless body up and rocks me back and forth i tell her i love her but i just want to die she says i love you too but your lips are so blue i loved you will all of my heart she says you were my first child and this is true and i want you to know that i will never forget you i forgive you for what you have done i say mom im sorry i wish i never did the things i have done i hope you will be okay i will watch after you i feel my body getting weaker and i will soon die then my phone rings and he leaves a message saying he loves me and always did he was just confused when i said i was having his kid. i tell my mom to call 911 becuse now now i have a reason to live. soon there here with me barley holding on i am rushed to er and sticthed up and given blood. they tell me im lucky to be alive and thats the poem of how i almost died. dont let the boys look up your dresses they'll tell you your sexi they'll tell you your fine 9 months lata they'll tell you it aint mine. i didnt mean to hurt you but your sxi when you cry maybe i did really love you haha aint i soo cute when i lie although ill alwys lve you and rember the times we had your a sry lil bastard an you hurt me really bad altough u think its funny only time will tell paybacks are a bitch and i hope you burn in hell although u were a good kisser this ill admit but when it comes to being a man honey u aint worth shit. one day ull love me as once i loved u one day ull cry for me as i once cryed for you one day ull think of me as i once thought of u one day ull want me and i wont want you.

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