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*Welcome to Rainbow Universe*
"Come and Taste the Rainbow"

This website is here for all the teens and young adults who represent the rainbow click. Before you finish reading this ask yourself are youy her to bash gays if so please hit the "X" in the right hand corner. Now to continue i will be doing more with this site once i have time but for now you will have to excuse me.
*More of the 411 On Me*
My name is Brittany and I attend Dunbar High School. I am a fem who is proud of her sexuality. I have a girlfriend whom i love very much named Teyona. I love to write poems and songs, i like to sing, dance, freestyle and play basketball. The main thing i am trying to do with this site is to help people of the rainbow join together and meet one another also i am trying to make new friends.
So holla at me or at each other, I will update my page soon

Other Places to go:

rainbow shack

Email: Skittles

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