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Me: Stephanie
It's all about me

Hey! You entered my hompage, full of fun and interesting facts for growing minds~ UNBELIEVABLE!!!~ So dont just stand there- keep reading!! duh
ok so well my name is stephanie~ as you would have guessed! i am 15 in 1 and 1/2 weeks....i am a freshman in high school and i am pretty dang lonely. i just broke up with my boyfriend, and i dont have many friends. I have one friend thou, she's my best friend and her name is natalie and she's super cool. she's really lonely too. i have 5 brothers and sisters, and one of my sisters passed away when i was 12. it was sad, and now i'm just a sad person. so uh neways i''m in chorus and areobics, how pathetic! i'm a christian and i go to church sometimes, but mostly i go to my youth group. so uh... that's about all i can say about me for now! Ok BYE

ps. here's my email link

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