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Arcade League (amateur) tips

It is me again, TS2 master. I just had to change my name. anyway, I am back to give you more tips on arcade league (amateur).

Now First group: Beginner Series:Adios Amigos!Game mode:Deathmatch
Bronze: 10 kills in 5:00 min.
Silver: 10 Kills in 4:30 min.
Gold: 10 Kills in 3:00 min
Platinum: 10 kills in 1:00
Award I got: Gold
Now the trick is here usually there are alot of people outside, and one of them has a plasma autorifle usually. I always kill that one first and take it and kill everyone else after that.

Next: Beginners series:Casualty. Game mode: deathmatch
Bronze: 15 kills
Silver:15 kills in 5:30
Gold: 15 kills in 3:30
Platinum: 15 kills in 1:10
Award I got: Gold
Here you want to have the electrotool and hit each one in the head. They are usually all in one room so use your radar to track them down.

Next: Beginners series: Top Shot. Game mode: Elimination
Bronze: 1st
Silver: 1st in 4:00 minutes
Gold: 1st in 3:00 minutes
Platinum: 1st in 1:10
Award I got: Gold
Here the best place to be spawned is by the plane. Collect the Soviet S47 or Tactical 12 Gauge, or both if you can. People will attack you so kill them all. They all have seven lives so you need to kill quite a few times.

Group 2. Mode Madness
1.Chastity Chased. Game mode: regeneration
Bronze: 10 kills
Silver: 10 kills 4:00 min
Gold: 10 kills 3:00 min
Platinum: 10 kills 1:00 min
On this you are only against one person: Sadako. The only trick here is to follow the radar. There aren't many kinds of weapons here. So just watch your radar.

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