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Hey! what's up? ~hee-hee~ Hi! My name's Trisha, as you can tell...I'm from Manchester, Kentucky. I'm a cheerleader @ Clay County High School. Go Tigers!!
I am happily taken by the most sweetest guy ever! Scott, I love you sweetie! ~hee-hee~ Your the greatest!
I'm into punk and heavy metal music. Metallica, ICP, Saliva, Good Charlotte, Pennywise, Yellow Card, um....simple plan, weezer, and Sum 41.
I like to sing, dance, and get really wild and crazy! ~lol~ just kidding but, I do like to sing, dance and have lotsa fun! Whelps! That's a rap! ~lol~ See Ya Lata Alagata! ~hee-hee~

Email: Trisha

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