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about us

We have so many things to say but really don't know from where to start.We, all sis are like one and try to stay together as best as could.So there is no doubt about this.Firstly,we start with our favourites.It means what we like or dislike.There is nothing particular we dislike or hate but yes there is one thing we extremely hate or you can say we are very much afraid of and that is non other than cockroach.It's totally scaring.Mom hates it too not only us.I know it sounds weird.Ok enough of cockroaches.Lets move to our likeness.We love to listen to music, to have tasty foods and hanging around.Mom very often or never permits us to go out unless she goes with us.Very unfair don't you think so.We make fun of those people who are wicked and not a good person in our eyes.Papa gives us whatever or whenever we want anything.He cares for us but expresses not in that way as he should do.This is all about us.Nothing more nothing less.I hope you like it.
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