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about runescape

hi welcome to our runescape site as u know runescape is a massive multiplayer game and were here to tell u a bit about it well first of all there are quests to complete and mosters to defeat and you collect weapons and armour to make ur hero stronger and to train so u can be ready to kill lvl 100 or 200 monsters good luck nice talking to u nathan and natalie . Also there is mining fishing and crafting and fletching and lots of other things which need certain lvls to get im lvl 75 and my sister is lvl 21 cause she had her file hacked but she has 31 defence and i have 80 fishing so were quite rich on runescape plz come join us and email me if u need to know anything . u will need lvl 1 fishing to catch shrimps lvl 25 fishing to catch pike 35 to catch tuna and 40 to catch lobbys and 50 to catch swordies and 76 to catch sharks and 80 to catch mannta ray and so on and u need 1 mining to mine copper ore and tin ore and 15 to mine iron ore 30 to mine coal and 55 to mine mith and 70 to mine addy and 95 to mine rune ore .

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