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Today we will be talking about famin...... just kidding. today we will be talking about martha steward. whats with her. she could have only lost 40000 out of a 1 billion dollars in a company. she lost apx 500000. but her real crime was liening to the goverment. Second topic today is the 60000 people quota that amaracans can support to come for nine months. Nantucket has very few unemployed residens so most restraunts hire people from say jamacia and other places with little paying jobs, but now big companys like disney are using the system to get other people from other countries now and filling the quota. so since the new employes from other countries end up being cheaper because they don't have to pay retirement because their not long term employeis. so their cheating th system. so now most restraunt owners now are under employed and theres nothing we can do about it. this concludes are talk today.

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