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J.d.'s (toes) home page
come in check it out and have a good time

hi peoplz it's jade here. hope u like my page it's full of stuff i like and hopefully u like 2! i want to thank all my friends and familyfor makin me who i am 2 day *tear*lol. nah just kiddin like i'd cry over that. any way 4 u peoplz who don't no me my name is jade ( j.d. or toe for short) i'm 16. my d.o.b. is 11/12/87 i go to moorefield girlz high and sorry i'm taken by scott (my boyfriend who is so cute even my friends think so)i love any music especially rock, i like surfin even though i can't surf properly right bt soon i'll be able 2
i've gotta say hi to all my friends from school-k8, rissa,emma, karen, lani, rae, tegz,denise, phae and netta and also cassie, helen, amy, smelly(ronda)and to all my friends at school if i 4got 1 of u i'm sorry.i have 2 say a really big hi to isabel who beta get her ass back up 2 sydney soon or i'm gunna get really upset.
just a couple more facts i really love good charlotte especially joel.i'm a christian and go 2 hurstville cofc (church of christ) and i've gotta say hi to all my friends at camp and if i forget u i'm really sorry bt i've kinda got a bad memory. so anyway hi to- liz, kayley, aimee, jay, elyce, ash, pheobe, micheal(george), linda, eorl, lauren, laura, nathan, alison.r, mat.a, mat.t, edith, katie, and ofcourse wal and marty.
neways hope u all enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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