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My life the way I view it
all about what I think

Iím standing in an empty room
I am the only one in here
I look around and see no one but myself
But I hear these many voices
I turn around in confusement
Am I going crazy
I ask whoís there
But no one answers me
I cannot tell what the voices say
Or what they want me to do
Itís driving me crazy
I canít take this anymore
Why cant they just go away
They know they shouldnít be here
Why wonít they leave this place
Why am I hearing all these voices
Why cant I make them stop
I donít know what to say or do
I look around with out a clue
These voices I hearÖ
Will never go away
No matter what I do
No matter what I say
A world of glass
A world of glass,
fragilf and free,
so easy to see,
so easy to envy.
A world of glass,
cracked under the strain,
of years of neglect,
anger and pain.
A wolrd of glass,
shattered and felled,
shards of a life,
trying to rebuild.
A world of glass,
built up anew,
shards of the old world,
ebbedded in the new.
Blank Pages(an emo poem)
By:Krystina Johnson
Sometimes pages are blank
other times they're dull!
This page is not blank,
but its not full, either.
Sometimes pages are blank
other times they're full.
When you write on paper
its no longer blank.
So, keep on writing and fill up the
blank pages!

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