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Brooklyn Kate

~Hey... my name is Brooke... i am 14 and loving, i love Jonathan s. forever... no matter what! i love to sing, ride four-wheelers, ride horses, go to church, and many other things~

~Shout outz~

Jonathan~ baby, i love you and i hope nothing ever separates us...
luv ya... -Brooke

Chelsea Smith~gurl... i luv you with all my heart and your are like my sister.. i hope everything works out between you and gregory! and never ever 4-get that i am here for you through the good times and the bad~ *p.s. never stop singing for the LoRd!!

Nathaniel~ boy.. i luv you.. ur like a big brother to me, and i hope everything works out between you and rachel... shes a great girl.. and just forget about brittany.. shes put you through too much... luv ya!

Angel~ gurl..... i luv you to death... and i hope something good happens between u and justin.. but i luv u and im here for u no matter what! luv ya!

Clifford~ theres way to much to say abt this boy... he is CRAZZY and like Chels never stop singing for our GOD!!

Sis. Sherilyn~ yall, this is my second j/j this is our youth pastor's wife at the United Pentecostal Chucrh in Winnfield, La... Luv ya 2~

Bro. Mark~ congrats** lol.. your gonna be a daddy pretty soon..(hopefully november 2, 2004) lol and we all love ya and Sherilyn in FUZE!! thatnks for being there for me through the good and the bad..~ luv ya -Brooke

Jay~ hey gurlie... i luv ya too.. lol... just like i luv everyone else.. and i cant wait til' Sher... has the baby.. lol.. luv ya chyck..

Brittany Bishop~ god... get over Nate.. im afraid he doesnt want YOU! ***lol***

Eric~ boy.. go after Jamie you know she likes you! lol j/k do whut u wanna do! luv ya tho!

~!*~!*~!*~!* well i guess thats about all.. and plus im kinda tired of typing so.. thats enuff~*!~*!~*!~*!~*!~

well i guess i'll talk to yall later... buh bye



*You can fall from the sky* *You can fall from a tree* *But the best way to fall* *Is in love with me*

If You Luv Me... Let Me Know... If You Don't... Then Let Me Go...

º°x·:He HoLdS Me WheN i StArT 2 cRy ø´¨`»MaKeS Me SmiLe WiTh JuS HiS eYeZ ShAreZ My HoPes DrEaMs FeArs«´¨`ø ø´¨`»WiPes AwAy ALL My TeArs i LoVe hiM wiToUt rEgReT«´¨`ø i JuS hAvEn't FoUnd HiM yEt·:·xº°

~If I could be an angel, I'd make your every wish come true, but I am only human, Just a girl who's loving you~

WiTh An X aNd An o ThIs ChYck Is Out LiKe WhOa!!


i luv jonathan curtis spurgeon!


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