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Who are my cats?
You should know I have 3 cats.

I have 3 cats, Baby, Joey, and Midnight. They are all excellent cats.
My favorite cat is Joey, we rescued her off of the street about a year ago. She is a tabby. We think she might be pregnant, but we already have 3 cats, so she has to get fixed. I hope she doesn't mind. She is very shy, we trapped her in the garaged and she climbed cement to get away from us. But after we got her, she calmed down, but she is still shy.
Baby is big and fat. She is the oldest cat in the family. She is all black and thinks she is the queen of everything. She pounces on Joey, when she can, but we try to stop it. Baby doesn't like anyone petting her for a long period of time, if you do she will try to scratch and bite. But she is still a good cat. She sleeps at the foot of my bed, even if I don't want her to.
We just go Midnight. He is a bit over 9 monthes old. He loves it when you touch your nose with his, even if his nose is wet. We just got him off the street and my mother fell in love with him. So we adopted him back from Petsmart, where we had orginally gave him. The only thing bad about him is that he scares and chases Baby all along the hallways, when ever he can.

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