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and anime

hey i have also a couple of websites ill put it on 1 of my links.
im a gamer , but i play sports as well, the games i play are diablo 2, and i play any squareinex games( for those who dont know its squaresof the ppl who make final fantasy). I play tons of games but i have a life 2 so dont go saying stuff about gamers. i also love waching anime. ANIME ROCKS ooo yea hentai is good 2. Some of the animes i wach are inuyash , cowboy bebop, aoutlow star, yuyuhakosho, an this one is an oldy but a goody dragon ball z. if u have any good games i should play plz e mail me the name. if u also have a good anime that good also email the name 2 me thank u for visiting my website. if u also like 2 draw like me send me ur drawing over e mail or over mail if u need my adderes. i will post the drawings on my website an everyweek i will se with 1 is the best one thx.

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