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Wanna win? Come here first!

CONTESTS! Who doesn't love 'em?
Let's get down to buissness! Our first contests are (drum roll please)....
1. Best Poem
2. Funniest Joke
3. Best Quote
4. Recruiter of the week.
the contest change weekly so stay tuned people! Email (or neomail me) me all entries, and for all those recruiters out their, send me the names of those you brought into the guild. (I will check with them, so no cheating!) And even if you don't win recruiter of the week, recruit three and you still get a plushie! Good luck to all!
Poem Entries:
None So far!
Joke Entries:
None so Far!
Quote Entries:
"Buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy, 'cause Texas is going byebye" From The Matrix submitted by Kmatrixlotr (How did we know?)

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