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Cookig Guide

Making Flour
1. The first step is to get a pot(Can be made).
2. The second step is to pick some wheat(Can be found in Lost City and Near Draynor Village Windmill)
3. The next step is to goto a windmill(In cooking guild, Draynor Village, and The Lost City).
4. Go to the top floor in the windmill and then use the grain with the hopper.
5. Then pull the lever(Click on hopper again).
6. Then goto the first floor of the windmill and use a pot on the flour.

Cooking Meat
1. The first step is to get raw meat from killing bears, cows, chickens, or giant rats.
2. Next use the raw meat on a range or a fire.

Making Bread
1. The first step is to get flour.
2. Use the flour with water and make bread dough
3. Goto a range and use the bread dough with the range.

Making Pies
1. Get some flour and use it with water and make pastry dough.
2. Get a pie dish and use the pastry dough with the pie dish.
3. You can either use redberries, cooking apples, or cooked meat in the pie.
4. Then put the uncooked pie into the range.

Making Stew
1. Get a bowl and fill it with water.
2. Go and and get some cooked meat and pick a potato at the potato patch east of Draynor Village.
3. Use the potato with the bowl of water.
4. Then add the cooked meat.
5. Now cook the stew in a range.

Making Wine
1. Get a jug(Can be made). 2. Get some grapes(Respawn on 3rd floor of cooking guild).
3. Fill the jug with water.
4. Then use the grapes with the jug full of water.
Note: Wine will lower your attack by 3 temperaraly

Making Pizza
1. Get some flour and use it with water and make a pizaa base.
2. Go get some cheese and tomato(Can be bought at Cooking Store in Port Sarim or respawns in Aggie the witch's house.)
3. Use the cheese and tomato on the pie.
4. Now use the uncooked pizza in the range.
5. Now you can add a topping like cooked meat or Anchovies.

Making Cake
1. Get a cake tin(Respawns on 2nd floor of Cooking Guild).
2. Get an egg(respawn in LOst City and Lumbridge chicken coop).
3. Get milk(Use a bucket on a cow).
4. Get flour. 5. Use on of the 3 ingrediants on the cake tin(Must have all 3 in inventory).
6. Cook the uncooked cake in the range.
7. To make chocolate cake use a chocolate bar on the cooked cake(Chocolate bar can be found in Cookin Guild and in the lost CIty).

Cooking Fish
1. First get some fish.
2. Use the raw fish on a fire or a range.

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