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How To Make Jewelery
- get mould from crafting store (in Rimmington)
- get a bar of gold (see mining and smithing)
- use bar with furnace whilst you have mould in inventory
It will ask you if you want to use a gem with your ring. Gems must be cut before you can use them with jewellery. You can use a chisel to cut them. This applies to all jewellery. You can make rings, necklaces and amulets. You can add cut gems to all jewellery or just make them plain. All jewellery uses 1 gold bar at a time. There are 3 moulds to buy and they're 5gp each - ring, necklace and amulet. Each mould must be in inventory when you use gold bar on furnace.
How To String Amulets
- Use shears on a sheep to get wool. Sheep pens are near Lumbridge furnace and just south of Varrock, near the stone circle.
- Use wool with spinning wheel to make a ball of wool. (spinning wheels are in the southwest tower in the barbarian village, in the southwest tower of Lumbridge castle, and in a house on the south side of Falador (near Wayne's Chains.)
- Once you have an amulet and a ball of wool, use ball on the amulet to string it.
How To Make Leather Stuff
- Kill a cow and collect the hide.
- Go to the Tannery in Al Kharid and tan those hides!
- Use needle and thread to make gloves, armour or boots.
How To Make Holy Symbols Of Saradomin
- You need Lvl 20 to mine silver. There is two Silver rock in chasm Mine, dwarwen mine.
- Smelt silver at a furnace to make silver bars. (lvl 20 smithing)
- Retrieve a holy symbol moold, this can be purchased at any crafting store (located in Al Kharid and Rimmington).
- Use silver bars with furnace, then choose to make Holy Symbol of Saradomin, You need 16 crafting to make it..
- Making Each Holy Symbol gives +50 exp in crafting.
- Take it to the monastery area to Brother jerrod who will bless stringed holly star amulet make your prayers last longer (+ 8 prayer)
Making Pottery
- Mine or buy a clay ore.
- use a full bucket/jug of water on clay ore.
- Go to barbarian village where there is a pottery wheel located outside the bar.
- Use soft clay on the pottery wheel and select a pot, pie dish or bowl.
- Bake the soft object in the oven.
How To Make Glass Stuff
- Goto Entura Island and get some seaweed and some sand(need bucket to hold sand).
- Goto a range and put the seaweed into the range.
- Mix the sand with the sodium carbonate(Should get Molten Glass).
- Get a glassblowing pipe(Respawns in house on Entura Island).
- Use glassblowing pipe with the molten glass.
- Then select what item you want to make.
- You can make beer glasses, vials, and unpowered orbs

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