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Doric's Quest
Difficulty level: Easy
Start: It is an easy quest to get Doric some materials for making amulets. Talk to Doric the Smith in the Amulet shop near ice mountian northwest of Falador
· -He asks you to bring him materials for an amulet:
- 6 clay
- 4 copper
- 2 iron
· -You can buy ore in Dwarven mine, or mine them. Bring the ore to him.
Reward: 180gp, 1 quest point, mining skill (+2 [level 1-45] +1[level 45-46]), and use of Doric's anvils

Goblin Diplomacy
Difficulty level: Medium
Start: In Port Sarim, go to the pub and talk to the bartender. He will mention the goblin war, and the colour of their armour.
· Go to the goblin village in northwestern Asgarnia and talk to General Wartface & General Bentnose. They will tell you that they are looking for a new look for their armour. You will then need to get 3 sets of goblin armour, which are a random drop item from killing goblins. Or you can buy them off people or in the store. They’re about 50gp each.
· You will need to dye the sets of goblin armour to change their colour. Talk to Aggie the witch at Draynor Village, she will inform you of the ingredients needed to make dyes.
· Aggie will have told you the ingredients to make red, yellow, and blue dyes, and that she charges 5gp to make each dye. Collect the following items to bring to Aggie so that she can make the dyes: Red - 3 redberries, Yellow - 2 onions, Blue - 2 woad leaves.
· Redberries can be found south of Varrock or in Food Shop, onions can be found behind the farmhouse that is south of the windwill in Misthalin, or in the garden that is north of Rimmington. In Falador, woad leaves are obtained by talking to Wyson the gardener at the Park in Falador (make sure to offer him 20gp to get 2 leaves).
· Bring all the ingredients needed to make red, yellow, and blue dyes, as well as the 5gp fee to make each of the dyes (15gp total), and talk to Aggie. She will make all the dye for you. Mix the yellow & red dyes to create an orange dye. Then use the orange dye on one of the sets of goblin armour, and use the blue dye on another set of goblin armour. You should now have one orange set of goblin armour, one dark blue set of goblin armour, and one light blue set of goblin armour (original colour).
· Return to the goblin village and talk to General Wartface & General Bentnose. Give them the orange set of goblin armour (which they don't want), then give them the dark blue set of goblin armour (which they don't want), and finally give them the light blue set of goblin armour (they are quite satisfied having the original colour armour).
Reward: 1 gold bar, 5 quest points, crafting skill (+2[level 2-4])

Black Knight's Fortress
Difficulty level: Hard
Start: In city of Falador, visit the White knights castle, and talk to Sir Amik Varze upstairs. He'll tell you of the Black knights planning to destroy the white knights with some secret weapon. Your task is to find out what it is, and sabotage it.
· Go to the Cabbage field at monastary and take 1 or more cabbages, then go to
Black Knights Fortress (located at the ice mountain, a bit west of Monastary)
· You'll notice the front door is locked, and the guards won't let you in the side door. Why? You don't look like them. To get in u need a Guards uniform, Medium Bronze Helmet and Iron Chainmail.
· Go through the "odd looking wall" which is at the north Wall when you get in, go up the ladder. You will see a "Grill" and you can choose listen by left clicking it, you will see a Black Knight, a Goblin, and a witch start to speak to each other. It's an invincibility potion they're making, and it needs a cabbage from Draynor Manor to be complete. Any other cabbage will destroy the potion.
· Go back down the ladder, and you will see a room next to you with 3 Black knights, go in
there, (the Guards says you shouldn’t go in there, because the black knights will kill you). When u get in there, 1 Black Knight will attack you, but just run from the fight or kill the it if you can. If u press the other door in the room, a Black Knight will attack you, so make sure all Black Knights are busy to go through the door (good to get friends with u attacking the Black Knights).
· Go upstairs, climb the ladder, at the north wall is another "odd looking wall". Go through it and "use cabbage with hole" If you made it correct it will say "that must have ruined the secret weapon".
Reward: 2500gp, 3 quest points
Witch's Potion
Difficulty level: Easy
Start: Goto Rimmington and talk to Hetty
· Burnt meat- burn some meat (get it from Bears, Giant Rats..) of buy in Port Sarim Food shop.
· Onion- Go north from the village and u will find a cabbage field and some onions.
· Rats tail- kill a rat in the bulding next door.
· Eye of newt - can be bought in the magic shop.
·When u have all this u can go talk to Hetty and talk to her.
Reward: 1 quest point, magic skill (+3[level 5-8, 7-10])

Pirate's Treasure
Difficulty level: Medium
Start: Talk to Redbeard Frank at the Port Sarim bar, next to the Battle Axe Shop. IN order to begin the quest you need to ask him if he knows where any treasure is.
· Go To Where The Ship To Karamja Is, Get A Ticket From one of the Sailors. Take the boat to the island (Costs 30gp).
· When You Get To The Island Go To The First Shop On The Left, Buy A Karamja Rum (Costs 30gp). Go to the first shop on the right. Talk to Luthas the Banana farmer. Ask him for a job and then go pick bananas for him.(pick naners by right clicking on trees and choosing “pick bananas) When you have 10 bananas go to the crate outside Luthas' house. Use the bottle of rum on the crate and this will hide the rum in the crate. Then use all the bananas on the crate. Now talk to Luthas again to get your 30gp payment and ask him where the bananas are going. Talk with Customer officer and and let her search you, as you don't have rum she will let you to board a ship back To Port Sarim,
*note* If you try to take the rum on the boat back to Port Sarim. the customs officials will confiscate the rum and you will have to buy a new one.
· You need a WHITE apron for next part you can find it in cloth shop in Varrock market square) Then go to the Food store. Put on your apron and try to open the back door Wydin will tell you that you cant go back there, but just ask him for a job. Now you can go to the back of the store. Search the crate and you will find your bottle of rum.
· Take the rum back to Redbeard Frank in Port Sarim Bar and he will tell you to get the treasure from a chest at the Blue Moon Inn and gives you a key to that chest.
Go to the Blue Moon Inn (Varrock) on the 2nd floor there is a chest. Use the key on the chest to get a note. The note says to dig behind the south bench in the park. Meaning the Park in Falador.
· For the last part you need a Spade. You can either buy one or get it for free at Draynor Mannor by the exit. Go to the park in Falador and Use your spade on the flowers behind the bench. Watch out; Wyson The Gardener does not like you digging up his flowers and will attack you. Once combat is over, if he attacks, Use your spade on the flowers again and you will get the treasure!!
Reward: 450gp, 2 quest point, 1 cut emerald, 1 gold ring

The Knight's Sword
Difficulty level: Hard
Start: In city of Falador, visit the White knights castle, and talk to the squire. He needs help to recover his knight's lost sword.
· He tells you he lost Sir Vyvin's Sword. He begs you to arrange for another sword to be made, then tells you that the original was crafted specially by the Imcando Dwarves. The only one who knows about them is the Reldo, the Varrock Castle Librarian. He will tell you to take a redberry pie to the dwarf living on the southern pennisula in Asgarnia. (the ice giant’s cave)
· Make a Redberry Pie or Buy one. (see cooking)
· Then the dwarf, Thurgood, will ask for a picture.
· Go to Sir Vyvin's room in White knights Castle and take the picture from the cupboard while someone distracts him.
· Give Thurgood the picture.
· Thurgood asks you to bring him 2 iron bars and a Blurite ore. The blurite ore is in a mine beneath his house; to get to it, you must go up the hill and into the mine entrance. Once in there, you will see a mine protected by hobgoblins and ice giants (see mining maps for location of blurite). Personally, I went in as a lvl 25 and not a single thing attacked me. But still be careful and take food to be sure.
· Get some iron bars, and return to the dwarf.
· He smiths the sword for you. Faladian Knight's Sword at + 10 power +10.
· Take it to the squire.
Reward: 1 quest point, smithing skill (+6[level 1-7], +11 [level 12 to 23], +5[level 30-35], +3[level 40-43], +1[level 55-56])

Sheep Shearer
Difficulty: Easy
Start: To start the quest talk to the farmer near the sheep pen west of Lumbridge.
· The farmer asks you to delivery 20 wool yarn balls to him, and refers darkly to some thing that ate the sheep.
· Use shears on sheep 20 times to get wool.
· Use shears on sheep, with this raw wool go to the Lumbridge castle tower or barbarian village to make wool on spinning wheel.
· Give balls to farmer.
Reward: 60gp, 1 quest point, crafting skill (+1[level 1-2])

Cooks Assistant
Difficulty: Easy
Start: Talk to the cook in kitchen. He requests three items: An egg, a bucket of milk, and some flour.
- The egg is in the chicken farm to the north-east of Lumbridge.
- Milk: Use a bucket on a cow to get milk. Bucket you can buy in General Shop or find in Chicken Farm house.
- Flour: Go to the windmill with wheat from one of the fields and bring a pot (make one or buy one) with you. At the top of the windmill is a hopper. Use the wheat on the hopper, then operate the hopper. Go downstairs and use the pot on the flour.
- Take all three ingredients to the chef and talk to him to finish the quest.
Reward: 1 quest point, cooking skill (+3[level 1-4]) and you have access to range in Lumbridge castle kitchen (additional cooking skill bonus when cooking there)

Prince Ali Rescue
Difficulty Level: Very hard!
· Start : First go to Al Kharid and talk to the King in the palace. He'll send you to his manager, Osman. Talk with Osman, and he tells you that someone has kidnapped the Prince and he wants you to rescue him. If you ask him, he will tell you all the ingredients for the quest:
o Rope -- You can buy rope from Ned, or bring him 4 balls of wool
o Wig -- You can bring Ned 3 balls of wool and he will make a wig.
o Yellow Dye -- For this, you need two onions, which you can find in the farm near the Windmill. (talk to Aggie in Draynor)
o Red Berries -- You can find berries near Darkwizards in the Wood near the Stone Henge. (Talk to Aggie about skin paste)
o Water -- Find Jag in the town and get his water or get from a fountain or sink with a bucket.
o Flour – Make flour (see cooking) or buy it from Port Sarim Food Shop.
o Ashes -- Make ashes by lighting a fire and letting it burn down.
o Pink Skirt -- Buy in the Varrock clothing store. You can also find a Pink Skirt in a house in Varrock.
o 3 Beers -- To get the guard drunk. Find it in Barbarian Village or buy at a bar in Varrock.
o Soft Clay -- For making a key for the jail (see crafting)
o Bronze Bar -- For making a key for the jail.
· Next go to Draynor Village .There is a Jail near there with the Prince in it. South of the potato field, you will find the daughter of Osman, Leela. She is a spy. She will tell you how to use the tools you've collected. Behind this little Village, you will find a Witch. She will make you a yellow dye and makeup. In the Village, you will also find Ned the Seaman, who will make you the rope and wig. Leela will also tell you about the key that you need to open the jail and rescue the Prince.
· Talk with Lady Keli (she is in the jail) and ask her if you can see the key. You will automatically take an imprint. Go back to the King of Osman in Al Kharid and give him the clay with print of the key. He will tell you that you need to go back to Leela (his daughter). She gives you a Bronze Key for the Jail.
· Talk one more time with Leela. She tells you that the guard needs 3 beers. Now you
can go and rescue the Prince. The prince needs to disguise himself in the wig, skirt and make-up.
· Go into the jail, talk to the Lady Keli's guard, and give him 3 beers. Next use the rope on Lady Keli and go into the Jail with the key. Talk with the Prince and come back to Al Kharid for your reward.
Reward: 700gp, 5 quest points, You can also now pass the borders for free.

Find Ernest
Difficulty: Hard
Start: Talk with Veronica near the manor gates. She will ask you to find Ernest. Ernest is out of luck! The mad scientist transformed him into a chicken. To help him get back you need to bring scientist some parts of machine, which gremlins hid all around manor.
· Click the 'M' to the right to go to the quest graphics page to see a map for the oil can door switches that will solve that part of the quest.
· Highlight the text below for a reported solution (by Crazycarl) for the oil can puzzle. (Warning, we have not tested this solution to verify it, so use it at your own risk! Also, we've had reports that the cardinal directions used in this solution may not be accurate. We'll check into it as soon as we can.)
· Pressure Gauge
Hint 1 location --It is located in the fountain in house garden.
Hint 2 -- And you cannot get it easy becouse of some Piranas which like to live there. Go to second floor and get Fish Food.
Hint 3 -- Poisoned Fish food. Go in mannor Kitchen (where witch spawn) and get poison. Use poison on fish food to make Poisoned Fish Food. Use it on Fountain and you get it.
· Rubber tubing
Hint 1 Location -- is closed in closet but you need to find a key. Skeleton will not attack.
Hint 2 -- You need Shovel. And one can be found in kitchen.
Hint 3 -- Go in garden and find a pile of stinking things, Use shovel on it to get Key of closet
· Oil Can -- you need to manage 6 switches and 8 doors, remember that all data is saved individually and if you see someone pass a door that don't mean you can pass a same door too. You will need to use some switches twice.
Door Guide "1. Pull A. 2. Pull B. 3. Go SE door. 4. Pull D. 5. Go NW door. 6. Go E door. 7. Pull A. 8. Pull B. 9. Go NE door. 10. Go N door. 11. Go E door. 12. Pull F. 13. Pull E. 14. Go S door. 15. Go S door. 16. Pull C. 17. Go NE door. 18. Go N door. 19. Pull E. 20. Go S door. 21. Go W door. 22. Go W door. 23. Go N door
Reward: 4 quest points

The Restless Ghost
Difficulty: Easy
Start: Talk to the priest in the church.
· Get a medallion from hermit who lives in the swamp south of the castle.
· Talk to the ghost in the cemetery.
· Go to the Wizard's Tower and fight skeleton (level 21?) to get skull and return it to ghost.
Reward: 1 quest point, prayer skill (+5[level 1-6])

Vampire Slayer
Difficulty: Medium
· Go to the crossroads west of Lumbridge. Get the garlic in the 2nd floor in the first house to the south.
· Find Morgan in second house to the south to get the quest. He tells you to go to the Jolly Boar inn(northeast of Varrok or the most northeast you can go without going into the wild) and talk to the drunken Ex-vampire slayer.
· Buy the drunk a beer and talk to him about it (might take a few tries) and you'll get a stake.
· Go to the Draynor Manor and get in to the cellar. There you'll find Count Draynor. Equip the stake (make sure you have the garlic in your inventory) and slay the evil Count.
Reward: 3 quest points, attack skill (+6[level 4-10] +5[level 22-27])

Demon Slayer
Difficulty: Hard
Start: First, go talk to the Gypsy who is located in the Varrock market square. Write down the spell she tells you, then, like she says, go see Capt. Rovin.
· He is located in the king's palace, just north of the square, and will be pacing around in a room to the left.
· He will tell you how he has hidden the keys to the Silverlight sword all around the world.
· To get the first key, go upstairs in the palace and talk to the captain of the guards who should be standing right next to you when you go upstairs. Tell him who sent you, and you will get his key.
· To get the next key, go to the wizard's tower and go up the only ladder in building and talk to the wizard, Traiborn. Get him to tell you about the key. When he tells you he needs 20 sets of bones, go get them (Kill goblins, people or anyone to get these bones), give them to him, and he will give you his key.
· The last key is the easiest, all you need to do is find the grate outside the kitchen in the castle of varrock, and put a bucket/jug of water down it. Then go down the sewer and it will be before the first grey room.
· Once you have all the keys, return to Rovin and he will give you the Silverlight sword.
· Silverlight Shortcut: You can buy the Silverlight from one of the many people looking to get rid of theirs in Varrock. If you are lucky, you should be able to buy it for about 100gp.
· The last part of the quest is easy. Go to the stone henge just south of Varrock and attack Delrith, wielding the Silverlight. He is in the middle of the stone circle.
· When you are given a selection of spells, choose the one that the Gypsy told you, (the last one) and Delrith will be vanquished.
Reward: silverlight sword, 3 quest points

Romeo & Juliet
Difficulty: Easy, but a bit of running around.
Start: Go to Juliet’s house and speak to her. She will tell you to go to Romeo and deliver a message you will receive a scroll.
· He should be walking round the market place with a blue shirt. Talk to Romeo and hand him the scroll. He will tell you to return to Juliet and tell her he received the scroll.
· Go to her. She will then tell you to visit Father Lawrence. He is in the church by the sewer opening. He will tell you to find a potion to send Juliet to sleep.
· Go to pick up the Berries. They are lying all over the floor of the forest near the stone henge and are pink.
· Go to the Apothery in varrock and you will receive a pink potion. Take it to Father Lawrence. He will tell you to deliver it to Juliet
· Juliet will then tell you to go to Romeo with the news.
· Go to him and you’re done!
Reward: 5 quest points

Shield of Araav
Difficulty: Hard
*note* It’s EXTREMELY hard to do this alone! Make sure you have a friend with you to help.
Start: Talk with the librarian in the palace.
· One of you should: Join Black Arm Gang - Talk with chief of gang part of shield quest you must get 2 crossbows from Phoenix Gang.
· The other should: Join Phoenix Gang - Talk with Baerek in the Varrock Marketplace. Talk to one of gang leaders in the underground in the Varrock slums, kill a man in inn get the intelligence report, and return to gang headquarters.
· Each of you should get half of the shield from a cabinet/chest in your headquarters.
· Go with shield to Museum first to get 2 certificates (one for each of you) and then bring it to king.
Reward: 2 certificates - each of which grants the bearer a 600gp reward when presented to the King (note: king will only pay once, just to give other certificate to player that helped), 1 quest point

Imp Catcher
Difficulty level: Medium
Start: Talk with Wizard Mizgog on the 3rd floor of the Wizard's Tower.
· Go slaughter innocent imps (they look like tiny Delriths) until you find all four beads, they're black, red, white and yellow. If you go this route and kill them yourself, be warned -- it takes a lot of patience.
· See maps for where you can find imps.
· If you can find people who will sell or give you the beads, that is a lot easier and faster!
· Return to the Wizard Mizgog for your reward.
Reward: amulet of accuracy (adds 2 to weapon aim when worn), 1 quest point, magic skill (+3[level 5-8, 12-15])

Dragon Slayer Quest
Difficulty: Very Hard!!
Start: To start this quest you have to be able to get into the Champions Guild then you talk with the Guildmaster and ask him about rune platemail.
- Goto Ozaik he is west of Edgeville. He will give u a maze key and tell you about the Anti-Dragon Breath Shield
- Get the Anti-Dragon Fire Breath Shield from the Duke at the Lumbridge Castle upstairs. Otherwise the firey breath will take 60 hitpoints.
- Next you will need to get 3 map pieces.
MAP PEICE 1 Melzar Maze- You must collect keys from each enemy you meet, only one drops the key.
Red Key - Rat(lvl 13) That respawns in the South Western most corner, and the door to use is the North Western most one.
Orange Key - Ghost(lvl 25) that respawns South West of the latter, and the door is the one directly North of the spot on the opposite side of the railling to the latter.
Yellow key - Skeleton(lvl 31) the respawns the most South, and the door is all the way to the South West.
Blue Key - Southern most Zombie(lvl 32), northern most door.
Magenta Key - Melzar the mad(lvl 45) drops this automaticly and use it on the north door.
Black Key - Lesser Demon(lvl 79) drops the key automaticly and use the door on the north wall then open the chest for your map piece.
Map Piece 2 and Oricales Puzzle-You are told by the oracle that you need to have in your inventory;
location or room - the room with the map is in the dwarf mine off of the route to the scorpions
small crustation cage - Lobster pot - Buy from Fishing Store at Port.
bowl that has not seen fire - Unfired bowl - Make from soft clay on potters wheel.
worm string changed to sheet - Sheet of silk - Buy from Silk trader in Al Kharid(or at varrok cloths shop).
drink of the mage - Wizard mind bomb - Buy from bar in Falador.
Map Piece 3 - Goblin in jail at port drops it, must use magic or ranged to kill it and You need Telekinetic grab to get it.
- After you get the map, you can buy Lady Lambrige in port Sarim for 2000g. And the one who sells you the ship tells you that you need plank and nail to fix it. Plank: IN the GRAVEYARD in the wildness. Guarded by the level 34 zombies. And beware, other players are there, too! So be careful. You need about 15 to 18 planks.when you get enough, leave immediatly. Nail: You can make 2 nails out of 1 STEEL bar. And you can only make it
in Varrock. You need around 20 nails. Then you need a sailor. Ned(The one who make rope and wig in Prince rescue.) Lives in Draynorville.
-Go to the dragon(crandor) island.
-There are skeletons(level 31), Hobgoblisn(level 31) and lesser demon on
dragon island. But there is also a lot of good mining rock.
-The Dragon is in the a isolate room and he has 5 or 6 level 54 skeletons guarding his door.
- The Dragon is level 110 (Beware prayer and range will not work on it.) And dragon can hit 11 sometimes, so if your can't hit 11 or 12, don't even bother to fight him, and take a lot of food with you.
- After you have killed the dragon you will instantly be teleported out of his lair.
- Then go past the lesser demons in the dungeon then when you will find a strange looking wall. Push the wall and you will be able to leave the dungeon by going up the ladder.
- When you leave dungeon you will be on Karajma Island. Goto the ship and pay 30gp to get to goto Port Sarim.
Rewards: 1 Quest Point, Ability to buy/wear Rune Plate, (rumor 20000 exp in strengh for killing dragon).

Druidic Ritual
Difficulty: Easy (Members Quest)
Start: Goto Taverly Stone Circle and talk to Kaqemeex.
- Kaqmeex will tell you to go and talk to Sanfew.
- Sanfew will tell you that he needs 4 pieces of enchated meat from 4 different animals.
- Get raw meat from 4 different types of animals (rats, bears, chickens, and cows).
- Next go into the members dungeon (south of tavelry near the brown trees) and in front of the door with the suits of armour near it. The suits of armour will attack you when you try to enter the room(they are weak).
- After you have gotten into the room goto the caldren and use the 4 pieces of meat with it(the meat should be green and called enchanted meat).
- Go back to Sanfew and give him the meat so he can complete his ritual.
Reward: 4 Quest Points, 250 exp. in Herblaw.
Witch's House
Difficulty: Medium (Members Quest)
Start: Talk to the boy outside the Witch's House in Tavelry. The boy asks you to get his ball from inside the shed.
- First search the doormat in front of the witch's house. You will find a key. Open the door.
- Once you are inside go upstair and take the diary off the table. Read it, it tells you how to get past her new security system.
- Next you will need to get a magnet. To get it get leather gloves and go into the basement. Wear the leather gloves.
- Open the gate and search the cupboard. You now have the magnet.
- Next get a piece of cheese. Then go on the first floor and go through the door. You won't be able to get through the second door asi it is locked.
- Now drop the cheese. The cheese should lure the rat out of the hole in the wall.
- Use the magnet on the rat. Then the rat will go through the the crack in the wall and deactivate the security system.
- Now that the door is open go through it. Then IMMEDIATLY go through the door that is right next to the one you just came out of. If you were to slow the witch will come out of the shed and teleport you(Not kill you).
- Wait until the witch has left. Then goto the shed and open it.
- You first have to kill the shapeshifter that is inside the shed(Glares at you and lowers your fighting level's temperarly).
- The shapeshifter will shift shapes a few times before he is actually defeated. When you kill him take the ball.
- Give the ball back to the boy
Reward: 4 Quest Points, ??? Hit points exp.

Lost City
Difficulty: Hard (Members Quest)
Start: Talk to Adventurers south of Lumbridge.
- The adventurers will tell you that they are looking for the lost city and that a there is this lepricon that knows where it is.
- To find the lepricon you must search for him in a tree to find him go alittle bit north of the adventurers until you hit that fence. Move West along the fence, then at the end of the fence. Around that area there is a tree that you can search. When you find that tree search it.
- The lepricon will jump out and start running away. You must click on him to chase him. When you caught up with him he will tell you how to find the lost city and that you need to go into this shed that is near the swamps(If the lepricon gets away you can just search the same tree again and he will jump out). Also that you must have a Dreman Staff.
- The lepricon tells you that you need to get the wood of this tree on Entrana Island. To get the wood you must first goto Entrana Island(You can't bring any weapons or armour onboard the ship).
- Once you are on Entrana Island you must walk across the bridge and to this house with some monks inside. They will tell you it isn't safe to go down there and that prayer can not be used down there. Go down anyway.
- Once you are in the cave kill some zombies until you get a bronze axe.
- Once you walk past the Greater Demons you will see the tree that you have to cut down. Click on the tree to cut it down(must be woodcutting 36).
- Before you can cut it down the tree you will have to kill a lvl 96 Free Spirit. It is recommended that you use potions or use prayer restore potion then paralyze.
- Once you have killed the Free Spirit and have the logs in your inventory goto the place where the Greater Demons are. There is a protal. When you walk through it, it will transported to the wilderness.
- Go to Lumbridge and pick up a knife that respawns behind the Lumbridge Castle.
- Use the knife on the wood to make the Staff.
- Now go to the shed near the swamp and while weilding the staff open the door and walk it.
Reward: 3 Quest Points, Ability to go to Lost City.

Merlin Crystal
Difficulty: Medium (Members Quest)
Start: Hero Quest
Difficulty: Hard (Members Quest)
Start: Talk to Achetties and ask her how to get into the Hero's Guild.
Scorpion Catcher
Difficulty: Medium (Members Quest)
Start: Talk to Thormac The Sorcecor. He will tell you how he left the cage open and his 3 rare Lesser Scorpions escaped. He gives you a cage to catch them in.
- The first scorpion is in the Members Dungeon. The scorpion is in a secert room.
- The first thing you must do is goto the jail cells. The jail cells are near the place with all the Black Knights.
- Kill the Jail Gaurd and get the jail keys and open the cell with the explorer in it.
- Talk to him and he will give you a Dusty Key.
- Now go to the door that is locked near the lesser demons and open it with the key,
- Now get past the Blue Dragons and the Black Demons.
- Now once you get past the Black Demons you can choose to paths. Choose the one on the right side.
- Stop when you get to the two coffins.
- Move your mouse around the walls of the room the scorpion is in.
- You will find a strange looking wall. Push the wall to get into the secert room.
- Use the cage on the scorpion.
- To get the third scorpion you must go up the ladder in the monestary(Must have prayer of 31 to go up ladder).
- Near the Monks Alter there is the scorpion.
- Use the cage on the scorpion.
- Now that you have all 3 scorpions go back to the Thormac to complete the quest
I hope this quest guide helped you(i know it did).

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