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*~*~ my girls ~*~*
**~*~ my guyz ~*~**

my ladies * if u wanan b added let me no!
taytay * ur my sister what else can i say? were together all the time.. and where ever we go people think we are sisters... we are always together and tell each other everything.. i hope we stay as tight as we r! lylas!
cc * hey hey! ur awesum.... thanx for being there for me.. dont no what i would done without u! ur so qt!
bb * bb cc and dd! lol's bball was awesum.. u me and cc rocked the court! lol's k... u *n* cc did! lol's but i lvoe u ur so cute.. im glad over bball we got so close!
megi * ur so cute adn i lu2d! u no im alwayz here for u no matter what happens.. and if u ever need a shoulder... im here and u no it!
and dont forget my grly's from everywhere else :
mandi * ur so kewl! i lu2d! ya it does seem like ive nown u forever... i tell u everything.... stay kewl! lylas!
courtney s * hey! mojo is gonna b awesum this year i cant wait and im glad we r on the same team! lyals!
jackie * hey i love ya lots ur so cute! mojo is gonan b so much fun!
bekah * ur so cute! vball is gonna b the best! lylas!

and my guys *
nick h * hey ur like my bro! i wouldnt give ya up for ne thing.. im gald being "band fags" got us closer.. i tell ya everything... stay kewl... treat courts good! lylab!
cory * a lot has happened b tween us.. but stay kewl... and treat lo*e good.. i hope we can stay friends forever!!
andrew * hey ur so kewl! and hott not 2 mention! lol's but stay as sweet as u r!
mitchell * omg! have u *n* me have ben thro more stuff i swear! breaking up in march... *my bad :(*... and then going bac out breaking up and then goung bac out and breaking up... wowi! lol's but stay kewl.. and treat paio good... ur awesum and im glad were still friends after we broke up.....
monti * hey! im so glad u *n* me are good friends.. stay kewl and everything... sry things didnt work out! stay kewl :)

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