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1.Shazia Ahmed:She is the eldest of us all.She has completed her BBA from american university of bangladesh and currently she is doing a job.Most of the time she works at office so we don't get much time to stay together except at night or weekend.She sometimes is very boring and hates "chilla chilli" and loves to sleep anytime anywhere.Her birthday is on the 10th of sep.So thats all i had to say about her.
2.Nazia Ahmed:She is the second one.Well,before saying anything about her i would like to let you know that she is very greedy and lovessssssss to EAT.She is studing law and we wish her good luck in her near future.She is very fond of gossiping and hates to receive phone calls from her friends.Her zodiacal sign is leo thats why she is a little flirtyand her birth date is on the 13th of august.
3.Bushra Ahmed:this is the third number.She is doing her o-level from wills little flower school.According to her the school days were the best days of her life..Everyone of her friends used to say that she gives good advice.Her birthday is on the 11th of sep next to her elder sis.
Ambreen Ahmed:The mimic The funniest and tries to entertain people in every possible way.She starts fighting with anybody with little matters and loses her temper on anybody.We always keep on chasing her and she gets angry instantly.20th of december is her birthday.
Maisha Ahmed:the youngest and the last one.She is a bit shy especially infront of the guests but still she is like us.Maisha loves to play with barbies and often we join her too.Papa & mom's affection towards her is very positive cuz is the little one in home.
We are the pentagons.Introduction of the five sis.

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