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Ask Halia
An answer for every question!

Hi! It's your very own co-owner! Halia_sweet! Also the best advice columist our guild could afford! (Okay, okay, I am NOT getting payed for this!)
Ask any question, Neopet related or otherwise, just ask! I will answer! (If you don't want your name on the website with your questions, just tell me so in your email or neomail!)
Dear Halia,
First, the website looks great! I'm so excited to start with all the contest and stuff. Hey, I was wondering If you were gonna post the poems or whatever on the site, or on the message board?
Hey Trinity!
We plan on putting all contestants on the website, and have everyone vote on the neopoll. Glad I could help!
Hi! I know you said we can ask personal questions and all, so I thought I might as well go for it. I'm friend with a group of, like, five girls. But this other girl keeps following us, and she is so annoying. She's small and bug eyed, and, ehh! I once went over to her house, because I felt bad for her, but now she won't stop calling. She is such a pest! What do I do?
Poor K!
I know how you feel. It's happend to me. First off, I know it's hard to tell these kinds of people how you feel, it always gets messy. So, first off try making it clear that you don't want to come over. Don't make excuses, like your busy. It'll give 'em hope. Eventually after you refused with a few, no thanks and I really don't feel like it, instead of sorry, I have other plans and I'd love to but I have to visit my grandma. I know it may seem harsh, but the sooner you break it off, the sooner she can go off to finding friends better suited for her.

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