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what is runescape; it is a game that cheats lies and begs you to member your player ive had 16 email atchments saying: being a member rules and you should member yourself sure its just 6 bucks a month but you can get so enrolled into the game that you dont even know how much time you have wasted sure its alot of fun and im not saying that jagex isent a bad company but why can they see that hooking people on a game that features is just as bad as vice city or other games presented by rockstar(c) games. take it from me i was hooked on runescape for a year...
when my sister was being born all i could think about was friend dumped me because i was hooked on runescape i got all e's in my grades all because i was hooked on a usless game that gave me no information on moral values. All you do is play the game, die and you get pist off!
what fun is lashing out at your family just because you lost a war aginst a giant? i had to go on A.D.D meds because i was hooked, and when i lost just even a sword i would blow a fit and i would be so angry that i broke the table in our dining room with a hammer.
SO PLEASE GO AHEAD AND PLAY RUNESCAPE BUT REMEMBER WHAT I HAD TO GO THROUGH TO GET PAST EVEN FORGETTING ABOUT RUNESCAPE...and please don't involve your self with what i had to go through,please. some really fun sites that are non hooking are and

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